Oklahoma official trolls PETA by taking bite out of burger as group advocates placing ‘Ten Vegan Commandments’ in schools

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters said he received a letter from PETA communicating that the group wants him to display 10 vegan commandments in classrooms. In response, Walters trolled the group by taking a bite out of a burger. “The burgers are great here in Oklahoma,” he declared, telling the group that they are “welcome for lunch.” PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“This is disrespectful, defensive, and out of touch with constituents faced with ill health and a climate crisis and those hoping to abate cruelty and violence on factory farms and in slaughterhouses,” PETA declared in response to Walters’ video.

“No worries. I’ll always support Oklahoma beef. Pretty sure it’s dinner time. #steak,” Walters fired back.

Walters has expressed support for proposed legislation that would require the display of the biblical 10 Commandments in public school classrooms. But PETA issued a letter asking Republican state Rep. Jim Olsen to also file a measure to require public schools to display “Ten Vegan Commandments.”

“Having filed House Bill 2962, would you also consider filing a bill to request that all public schools display ‘Ten Vegan Commandments,’ an ethical set of principles designed to encourage individuals from all backgrounds to practice nonviolence and lead moral, principled lives?” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote to Olsen.

Some of the “Ten Vegan Commandments” include “Thou shalt not consume an animal’s flesh, skin, or eggs nor anything else that belongs to an animal,” and “Thou shalt regard all animals as individuals who deserve respect and compassion and aren’t here for humans to exploit.”

Separately, PETA has also recently pressed Chance Rides to stop making animal-themed merry-go-rounds.

“Would you please end the manufacture and sale of animal-themed carousels and instead exclusively produce figures in the shape of vehicles, such as cars, unicycles, tractors, airplanes, rockets, and bulldozers, that children are drawn to or even more whimsical designs, like shooting stars, rainbows, or brooms?” Newkirk wrote in a letter.

“Animal-themed carousels unintentionally celebrate the exploitation of sentient beings. Animals used for rides and other forms of entertainment—including camels, horses, elephants, and dolphins—are confined and in servitude, never free to pursue their own lives and interests. They’re also sometimes beaten, tormented, and even slaughtered when their bodies wear out,” she declared. “Animal-themed carousel sets reinforce the notion that these sentient beings are simply here for our entertainment, rather than individuals with the same capacity to experience fear, pain, joy, and love as any of us.”

In 2022, PETA objected after business magnate Elon Musk indicated he enjoyed drinking chocolate milk. “Drinking cow’s milk is like driving a gas guzzler. The dairy industry is one of the worst contributors to the climate catastrophe. What happened to caring about the environment?” PETA tweeted.

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