Shocking New Details About Fani Willis’ Relationship With Her Special Prosecutor

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At the end of this week, Fulton County, Ga., Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee is holding a hearing about the alleged conflicts of interest and corruption surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her investigation of Donald Trump. McAfee has promised a televised hearing, which should have people glued to their TVs.


One of the key narratives in the whole Willis story is the relationship between her and Nathan Wade, the attorney she hired as a special prosecutor despite his lack of experience with corruption cases. The allegations held that Willis and Wade carried on an affair for several years, and she admitted to the relationship last week.

This week, new revelations have shown that Willis allegedly did more than give “special prosecutor” a whole new meaning by hiring her boyfriend. Willis and Wade reportedly carried on a longer affair than they initially admitted to, and they also allegedly shacked up.

According to a tweet thread from Techno Fog, affidavits show that part of this testimony will include questions about Willis and Wade cohabitating at multiple locations and carrying on their affair for a longer period of time.

One excerpt reads, “In Paragraph 17 of your affidavit, you swore that you met Ms. Willis in October of 2019 at a Municipal Court training. Isn’t it true that you began more than just a friendship at that conference?” That’s a different timeline than Willis and Wade have earlier attested to; it also predates Willis’ appointment of Wade as a special prosecutor in the Trump investigation.

That same excerpt suggests two locations where Willis and Wade lived together. According to a bullet point in the excerpt, “Additionally, witnesses will testify that you cohabitated with Ms. Willis at her home in South Fulton until her father moved in with her and you then began to cohabitate at the apartment of a friend of hers in East Point.” For reference, both locations are south of Atlanta in Fulton County.


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If you thought the allegations couldn’t get more salacious, prepare for a surprise. Another excerpt suggests that Willis and Wade had a “safe house” near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that Fulton County taxpayers paid for.

“Additionally, witnesses will testify that you cohabitated with Ms. Willis at an AirBNB [sic] in Hapeville that was paid for by taxpayer money to serve as a ‘safe house’ for you and Ms. Willis,” the excerpt reads. Even Fulton County residents who could look the other way at a DA carrying on an inappropriate relationship with an employee ought to be livid at that revelation if it’s true.

A “safe house” using taxpayer money. It’s hard to imagine this case getting any more lascivious or more corrupt. Maybe we should pop some popcorn to go along with the hearings that are scheduled for Friday.

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