For God’s Sake, Democrats, Do the Right Thing And Tell Biden to Resign

Watching Biden’s response to the Hur Special Counsel report was enormously disturbing to me. I wasn’t thinking about the exposure of classified documents or the maddening double standard at play in giving Biden a pass. The one thing that ran through my mind all during that speech was one unthinkable question: This man has his finger on the nuclear trigger?


At a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks so casually about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the thought of Joe Biden having to make a decision about our nuclear deterrent should give every American who isn’t a Democratic Party partisan hack a feeling of dread.

This isn’t hyperbole. It’s not the kind of gross exaggeration that both sides use in a presidential campaign. This is real. In my opinion, it’s a threat to the survival of the planet that makes climate change look like a walk in the park.

Why worry about a warming planet 100 years from now when Biden could blow it all up tomorrow?

I’m making an effort to avoid the kind of generalizations we read when hearing “Biden is too old” to be president. There are many 80-year-old men and women who can function at a very high level at that age. Biden is not one of them. People age at different speeds, as I can attest, as a recently-turned 70-year-old. While the president isn’t afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease as far as we know, any rational observer can see that his mental faculties are in decline. And watching that press conference should fill all of us with dread. 

“The President of the United States could not remember when he served as Vice President. He could not remember when his son died. He could not remember basic questions,” writes talk show host Erick Erickson. 


For Democrats, it’s the most important political question, perhaps in American history. Do you love America more than you love being in power? If Democrats love America, they would, as a political party, approach Joe Biden and lay out the case for why he has to resign.

In early August 1975, a group of senior Republicans, including Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, Pennsylvania Sen. Hugh Scott, and Arizona’s other senator, John Rhodes, paid a visit to the White House to speak with Richard Nixon. The Watergate tapes had just been released after an 8-0 ruling by the Supreme Court. 

They didn’t demand that Nixon resign, even though the tapes made clear that Nixon had lied to the American people and had committed the crime of obstruction of justice. Instead, the senior leaders of the Republican Party laid out the case for why Nixon had to resign. He had little support in the House and only about a dozen diehard supporters in the Senate. He would be impeached and removed from office for sure.

Joe Biden is not going to leave office on his own. His sycophantic aides have spent the last three years hiding Biden’s infirmities, so they’re not going to act in the best interests of the country and show their boss the nation would be better off if he resigned.

The only way Biden leaves office is if a delegation of senior Democrats goes to the White House and lays out the case for him to leave.


But the Democrats have spent the last decade warning about the danger of Donald Trump to U.S. democracy. Biden leaving the field now would hand the election to Trump. That would mean that Democrats have been wrong all along about Trump, which is something the party cannot do

Besides, Biden’s successor is the least popular, least qualified politician in America. Vice President Kamala Harris would be out of her depth, and as far as running for president herself, she proved in 2020 to be singularly incompetent in that regard.

The Democrats are admittedly in a very bad spot. It’s a situation that calls for putting the interests of the country above the interests of the party. And Democrats have shown for the last several decades that they are incapable of making such a choice.

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