Need More Proof That Transgenderism Is a Mental Disorder? Here You Go!

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It’s an absolute shame that the scourge of transgenderism in our society isn’t being properly addressed. Rather than addressing it as a mental health disorder, it has gained legitimacy and mainstream acceptance, thanks to Hollywood and certain influential figures in our government. And it’s particularly infuriating to see this harmful and dangerous movement being pushed on our children.


But frankly, it shouldn’t be legitimized with adults either.

I bring your attention to the case of a Michigan man who identifies as both transgender and Muslim, who sued his former partner for $6,500. Why did he sue his former partner? Well, the man, “Brianna” Kingsley, kept his amputated testicles in a mason jar in their shared refrigerator. His partner, William Wojciechowski, wanted nothing to do with amputated parts and eventually disposed of the amputated gonads.

Why did Kingsley keep them? Your guess is as good as anything I could possibly come up with, but here’s a little context

Kingsley is also known as Zahrah Bri-Zee Muharib on social media, an Arabic name, and appears to have recently converted to Islam.

In April, Kingsley uploaded a video to his TikTok account titled “The Unboxing of Dee’s Nutz,” which depicts him removing a clear bag with a biohazard label while wearing a lace veil and a pink dress.

The video is captioned, “Transgender woman unboxes her surgically extracted lady balls that was [sic] packaged by the Hospital that performed her gender-affirming bottom surgery.” Smiling and laughing, Kingsley holds up the bag containing his testicles before returning them to the box and performing a curtsy. In the background behind him, a painting of a nude woman with testicles can be seen.

“She [sic] had had her [sic] testicles removed—I believe if I recall correctly, it was March 23—and they were left in the fridge,” Wojciechowski testified in court. “I wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was odd, but I try not to judge because everybody’s a little different. It’s what made her [sic] happy whenever I want nothing to do with them. I’m not one for body parts and all that stuff. It’s kind of gross actually,” he continued. It’s part of her [sic] twisted humor, not mine.”


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Kingsley’s testimony was, to say the least, disturbing.

“Yeah, so because that physical anomaly has been a point of stress in my life since I can remember, and my middle name that I chose is “Dee” because my whole life I’ve been called ‘Big D.’ I’m Dee from the D. And I thank God that these ‘Deez Nuts ‘were extracted, and they were put into a biohazard bag. And for sh*ts and giggles I put them in a mason jar and I put them in the fridge next to the eggs.”

Yes, that’s what he actually said in court.

On Wednesday, the court denied Kingsley’s $6,500 claim, as well as Wojciechowski’s counterclaim for $6,500 in damages for the humiliation he experienced from the coverage of the case.

This is transgenderism. It’s a mental disorder. It’s fetishism. It’s not natural or normal. How much more proof do we need that these people need mental health care, not surgery?

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