What do delusional Nikki and ‘traitor’ Tucker have in common?

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Nikki Haley appears to be completely delusional after her embarrassing loss in New Hampshire.

“Look what we did in Iowa, and you look what we did in New Hampshire. We’re continuing to grow; that’s what matters, I think, more than anything else,” Haley said after her loss.

“All of this chaos is happening around us, and Donald Trump’s fingerprints are on every bit of it. We can’t continue as the Republican Party to go forward with this chaos. You don’t defeat Democrat chaos with Republican chaos, and that’s why we’ve got to see a change,” she continued.

“And I guess she’s the woman to bring it all to a stop,” Pat Gray scoffs.

But Nikki Haley isn’t alone in her delusion.

The left has also turned its delusion up as high as it can go, calling Tucker Carlson a “traitor” for interviewing Vladimir Putin.

Both Nikki Haley and the left need to check in with reality.

The left has conveniently ignored that both Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace have sat down with Putin to interview him as well.

“When Tucker does it he’s a traitor to the country,” Gray says. “I mean, [Democrats have] interviewed him multiple times.”

To hear the full conversation, watch the clip below.

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