4 ways Biden made things WORSE while trying to defend his mental agility

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Special counsel Robert Hur has released a report that has many questioning President Biden’s mental state.

According to the report from the Justice Department, it was found that Biden had willfully retained classified materials as a private citizen — but there will be no charges filed against him.

One of the reasons for that decision is that Biden is allegedly losing his memory.

“He’s basically unfit for trial,” Pat Gray comments, adding, “and apparently, you have to be a lot sharper for trial than you do to be president of the United States of America.”

Biden, of course, strongly denied this in a press conference, but then forgot where his son Beau got a rosary and mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico.

When Biden tried to defend what he had done with the classified documents, he then mixed up the definitions of classified and private.

“So what I was referring to, I said classified, I should have said it should be private because it was a contact between the president and the vice president,” Biden said in the press conference after an angry outburst.

“You don’t know the difference between classified and private, really? That’s a problem too,” Gray laughs.

“Man, does he get angry at the drop of a hat,” he adds.

Jeffy agrees with Gray, noting that his anger could mean something else.

“It’s almost as if that’s a symptom of something,” he says.

Biden then went on to blame his staff for mishandling classified documents when a reporter asked if he takes responsibility for “being careless with classified material.”

“I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing,” Biden responded.

“He just threw his staff under the bus,” Gray says, shocked.

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