Bill Maher Hearts Gov. Newsom, Can’t List One Accomplishment

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Bill Maher has a new fan base after decades in show business.


Right-leaning audiences are lapping up Maher’s willingness to mock woke overreach on many fronts. And he’s eager to call out his fellow Democrats sans apology. Plus, Maher is starting to realize how corrupt modern journalism is.

He still loathes President Donald Trump and is progressive to the core, but conservatives appreciate Maher’s willingness to cross ideological lines. Maher routinely invites right-leaning guests into his podcast’s studio, from Kid Rock to Dave Rubin. (That’s another reason conservatives applaud him).

There’s still part of the Old Bill Maher in play, something “Club Random” guest Patrick Bet-David revealed on the podcast’s latest episode.

Bet-David, a self-made millionaire and founder of Valuetainment, playfully sparred with Maher over politics during their extended “Random” chat.

They agreed to disagree at times, and Bet-David didn’t always challenge Maher on his liberal positions. He couldn’t hold back when Maher began singing California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s praises.

Maher hailed Newsom as both a great “Real Time with Bill Maher” guest and a political “winner.” He wished it was Newsom, not Joe Biden, leading the Democratic ticket this year. Maher described Newsom as smart and effective, the kind of leader we need in these troubled times.

Then Bet-David dropped the bomb on Maher. Why? Can you share Newsom’s results, the evidence that he’ll bring change to the country?

That’s when things went south for the affable host.

Comedienne Chrissie Mayr called out the moment on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“If he ran for president it would be great because it would force him to move to the Center,” Maher said of Newsom, ignoring how far-Left the modern Democratic Party is and, by extension, President Biden’s first three-plus years in office.

That’s when Bet-David struck.

“Are you a results-driven guy?” Bet-David softly asked Maher. “What has [Newsom] done to California to say he’s a winner?” 

Maher instantly folded.

“Oh, God, I don’t know,” Maher said, instantly uncomfortable. “You know what, he made it rain, OK dude. It wasn’t raining and now it’s raining so he’s got my vote.”

“I don’t follow this [mumbles] … it’s a character I play on television … I actually live with my delicate wife Sue and our eight home-schooled children. We just had twins named Sean and Hannity. Don’t believe everything you see on TV,” Maher cracked.

The two shared a laugh at Maher’s diversion.

Bet-David quickly backed down, realizing he wouldn’t be able to have a full-bodied debate on certain issues. It wouldn’t be fair.

In political parlance this is called, “Clown nose on, Clown nose off,” and it started with Jon Stewart. Whenever the former (and future) “Daily Show” host got pressed on a tough political question he’d revert back to his comedian status.

“What do I know? I’m just a comedian … yuk yuk!” Clown nose on.

Stewart did just that when he appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire” in 2004, called co-host Tucker Carlson a “d***” and then reverted to his gig as a comic foil.

That cannot work for Maher, who has been doing political comedy for 30 years. It’s his business model. He gently roasts Americans who don’t follow politics and can’t engage in smart conversations on the topic.

Here, he praises a major political figure like Newsom but can’t point to a single reason as to why he deserves the toughest job in the country.


Everyone knows California is a not-so-slow-moving disaster. High crime. Higher taxes. Rampant homelessness. Lower opportunities. Punitive rules and regulations.

People are fleeing the state. Joe Rogan famously did so, hunkering down in Texas and starting a new comedy empire.

Bet-David’s question was fair and blunt. The fact that Maher couldn’t even attempt to answer it speaks volumes.

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