Did D.C. Jail Punish J6 Prisoner for Speaking Out?

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Do authorities at the Washington, D.C., jail where the Jan. 6 prisoners have experienced terrible conditions want to discourage those prisoners from speaking out? Are Jan. 6 prisoners specifically targeted for unjust treatment? 


Jake Lang believes his effort to obtain a change of venue due to poll data exposing the extreme leftist bias of the D.C. jury pool might have to do with the solitary confinement and rough treatment he says he received this week. Multiple sources have reported terrible conditions for the January 6 prisoners, including statements from lawmakers and a court ruling, as well as Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “Police State.” Many of the prisoners have been deprived not only of their rights but of basic necessities. When I spoke to Lang recently, he described the inhumane conditions in which he has been held in multiple prisons, particularly in the Washington, D.C., jail he calls “The Gulag.”

Trump supporter Jake Lang was caught up in the Jan. 6, 2021, protests and says he saved a fellow protester’s life from a similar fate to Rosanne Boyland — namely, being trampled under a stampede. Lang is accused of “Assaultin [sic], Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers Using a Dangerous Weapon” and other charges by the feds for confronting Capitol police with a bat, as I explained recently


Lang previously told PJ Media that he found and picked up a bat in self-defense in the face of police brutality, which did occur repeatedly on Jan. 6. As Lang has yet to go to trial despite three years of incarceration, no court has ruled on his actions.

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Lang’s fiancée posted a message from Lang on his Twitter/X account on Feb. 6, claiming he had been moved from the Central Treatment Facility with the other J6 prisoners to a separate building with “24/7 Solitary confinement, hands cuffed to take shower or come out for recreation every other day, only 2 hours. No in person visits, no bowls or utensils to eat from.” Lang said he was confined with thugs and gang members, without even bars of soap, and “they took my discovery laptop & my hard drives I’ve been using to build exhibits for my trial!” He described his cell as being like a “dungeon,” but expressed his strong dependence on God.

On Feb. 8, Lang posted an update to Twitter/X, describing what he said happened to him, and naming the D.C. jail, the Biden administration, and U.S. Marshals as responsible:


They woke me up at 4am and forced me into 3 point shackles, hands, feet, and waist chained together like Hannibal Lecter

They tossed me in a van full DC carjacker crooks & drove me to the US Federal Court House and threw me in the freezing basement nicknamed ‘THE TOMBS’ with metal benches for 8 hours…. & then they took a single photo of me. Completely pointless.

They transported me back to DC JAIL GULAG to solitary confinement and keep me in a decrepit holding cell for another 4 hours!!

I just got back to my cell & it was completely RIPPED APART, paperwork everywhere, searching for whatever legal documents I had left they didn’t destroy when they moved me 2 days ago!

I’m still in the 24/7 solitary confinement unit without soap, deodorant, a toothbrush, cups, bowls or utensils. But Gods grace is sufficient. In the name of Jesus the MOUNTAIN HAS TO MOVE.

Was this the ‘solution’ the DC Jail officials promised me yesterday? God help us, our criminal justice system is run my masochistic madmen.


You can read Lang’s previous exclusive comments to PJ Media as well. If this is happening in our nation’s capital, America is changing into a different country, and not for the better.

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