PETA accused of spinning in circles for animal activist org’s latest quizzical target: ‘These people have truly lost it’

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have waged a war against an unlikely and quizzical target – carousels with inanimate animals.

On Thursday, PETA published an article calling for the end of merry-go-rounds with fake animals installed on them.

The animal rights organization penned a letter to Aaron Landrum – president and CEO of Chance Rides, which is the largest manufacturer of amusement rides in the country.

PETA demanded the amusement ride company to “end the production and sale of animal-themed carousels that normalize the use of animals as conveyances and amusements and instead produce carousel figures in the shape of cars, airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers, and other vehicles or more whimsical designs, like shooting stars, rainbows, or brooms.”

“Animals used for rides and other forms of entertainment — including camels, horses, elephants, and dolphins — are often beaten into submission, deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them, and even slaughtered once their bodies wear out,” the animal activist org alleged.

PETA’s alleged logic for wanting to ban the animal-themed carousels: “Children learn through play, and teaching them to have respect and compassion for all living, feeling beings can help create a more just and merciful world.”

PETA pointed to other companies that have discontinued the use of animal imagery, such as Nabisco replacing caged animals on its Barnum’s Animals Crackers and Trader Joe’s ending packaging featuring elephants performing.

However, netizens overwhelmingly disagreed and mocked PETA for demanding the end of animal-themed carousels.

Someone wrote, “I just can’t anymore. Carousels with horses have existed for 150 years. They are more rare now than 50 years ago. Just. Stop. The. Constant. Nonsense.”

An X social media user, “How can anyone take that organization seriously?”

Another user added, “Yes because metal animals are totally like real ones.”

Someone noted, “Wow these people have truly lost it.”

Another user stated, “Just when you think clown world may have peaked.”

One person added, “Someone tell them nobody’s eating the carousel animals.”

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