Michael Yon: Migrant invasion could pave the way for DOMESTIC SABOTAGE

The Health Ranger Mike Adams and combat correspondent Michael Yon discussed how the migrant invasion could pave the way for domestic sabotage operations by adversaries on the “Health Ranger Report.”

Adams asked Yon about the demographics and countries of origin of the migrants currently at the San Vicente migrant camp at Panama’s Darien Gap. In response, the combat correspondent said people from about 150 countries are present there – but most hail from Venezuela. According to Yon, the South American nation has very close relationships with China, Russia and Iran.

Iranians can even fly into Venezuela, and get both a new passport and visa on arrival. Yon also mentioned that many members of Hezbollah are in Venezuela. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Lebanese militant group “has operated in South America for over two decades, mainly partaking in drug trafficking, money laundering, and illegal financing to raise money around the region for its terrorist activities.”

“If you look at all the terrorist groups in the world, probably the most dangerous … for the U.S. at this point is Hezbollah – partly because they’re so enabled, they’re very smart [and] they’ve got a lot of money,” Yon remarked.

“They are all over the place. There’s a high chance there’s somebody in Hezbollah within one mile of me right now,” he continued, adding that Hezbollah members in the South American nation can speak Spanish fluently.

At least 100,000 terrorists are ready to wreak havoc in America

The conversation then veered toward a potential terrorist attack on U.S. soil, with Adams asking about the number of actual terrorists who will resort to violence when given the go signal. (Related: Beware the 80,000 terrorists Biden let in simultaneously conducting military ops in America – The coming ‘New World Order’ will be Islamic.)

Yon said the number of tier-one terrorists entering the U.S. on an actual mission is probably one to three percent. These operatives will fight when the chaos is ongoing, alongside a support group who will get involved if the situation calls for it. Moreover, there is also the so-called auxiliary group who will help out the two earlier teams when needed.

When these groups are added up, Yon said they could number 100,000 or even more because of the millions coming to America. Adams gave a higher estimate of 500,000 individuals coming from one of the two tiers. This group 500,000, he added, will take orders from foreign entities to activate and carry out sabotage and extermination in the United States.

The combat correspondent ultimately remarked that Americans don’t know how many are actively coming for an actual mission, but surmised that a large number have already come from China and Syria, as well as other places. “It can be some very high number,” Yon said.

“Keep in mind, though; when you get into an actual unconventional warfare scenario, there will be a tiny sliver of the pie that is sort of like your A-Team. Those are the guys that are actively fighting all the time, and then there will be the support group that will fight when they are called upon.”

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Watch the full conversation between Michael Yon and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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