Rubio Blasts Dems for Prioritizing Ukraine Over Stopping ‘Invasion on Our Border’

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) put Democrats on full blast in an interview this past weekend for making Ukraine a higher funding priority than fixing the “invasion” happening at our own border. And to that, all God’s people said, “Amen!”


It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What are all of these Democrat politicians gaining from supporting Ukraine with such fierce loyalty? Leftists are always far more loyal to other countries than they are their own. It’s ironic though. They want to send taxpayer dollars to pay for Ukraine to fight off an invasion but want to provide fewer resources to stop the invasion that’s happening at the southern border. 

Obviously, Democrats want the border crisis to continue. There are a lot of potential reasons why. One is that they want to increase the population of certain states so they can get more representatives and have more seats in Congress. Another is that they are trying to change demographics and build up their voter rolls, particularly in states without a voter ID law. I think it’s a combination of the two, with other reasons also in the mix.

The comments Rubio made about funding Ukraine happened during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

“I don’t oppose giving them the help that they need, especially in the case of Israel,” Rubio told Tapper. “And if you put the Israel thing up to a right now, it would pass. I don’t even know, maybe a couple of people would vote against it, but, basically, it would pass very quickly. The problem is, Israel is being held hostage so they could get Ukraine.”


“I have to explain to my constituents, I have to explain to the people of Florida, I have to explain to the American people because I’m a U.S. senator, and my number one obligation is America. If America is not strong, we can’t help any of our allies,” he added. “And I will have to explain to them why the Senate is going to work all through Super Bowl weekend, which is fine with me. we’re going to make a big priority, except on something that’s critical to this country, which is the invasion that’s going on, on our own border, on our own border.”

“According to a House committee and the documents and the statistics they put out — I think these numbers are low, but let’s just use them — 3.3 million people have been released into the country who arrived here illegally,” the senator said. “Over 600,000 of them either have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges against them.”

“I mean, this is a huge problem and it has to be addressed and they put out a bill,” he continued. “They can call it whatever they want. It wasn’t a border security bill. It wasn’t tough. And, frankly, it was negotiated by three people. I don’t begrudge it, but I wasn’t involved in that negotiation. I didn’t even ask for a bill. I asked for the president to reverse the executive orders that created this crisis when he took over in January of 2021.”


And leftists wonder why former President Donald Trump’s “America first” agenda is so popular among voters? Democrats are placing the needs of other nations above those of our own people. Folks are struggling to make ends meet, often living paycheck-to-paycheck, barely able to afford groceries thanks to the horrific policies of the current administration. Yet their tax dollars are going to Ukraine, a country with a historically corrupt government. 

Meanwhile, criminals are using the open southern border to gain entrance to the United States. They are often violent gang members or part of drug cartels who bring mountains of fentanyl over the border that poisons people with addiction issues. It’s horrifying. 

And that’s not including violent crimes or terrorists who have managed to come into the U.S. 

But apparently, what’s happening in Ukraine is more important. 

It’s almost like Democrats want Trump to get elected.

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