What you need to know about the Senate’s NEW war bill and how you can stop it

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Despite its “border” bill being effectively shut down, the U.S. Senate remains relentless in its pursuit of passing a bill that will fund Ukraine, Israel, and perhaps even Hamas.

This new $95 billion war package “unites Democrats [and] sharply divides Republicans on an issue where most Republican voters and most Republican senators are adamantly opposed to the Democrats’ position,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) tells Glenn Beck, adding that unfortunately, “it looks like they’re going to be able to pass this thing in the next 48 hours or so.”

“Senate Republican leadership [gave] the Senate Democrats more than enough votes” to pass the bill, but “the remaining 31 of us who didn’t vote for this have strong concerns … that are backed up by voters all across America,” he says.

Lee explains that he “put up an amendment … making sure that this aid wouldn’t end up going to Hamas,” but the response has been that since they “cut UNRA out,” the aid will be sent to “Gaza but not Hamas.”

However, since “there are 19 U.N. agencies operating in Gaza,” saying Hamas will be excluded from receiving aid is equivalent to “saying we’re gonna give money to the U.K., but it won’t go to the British,” Lee points out.

But funding Hamas is just the beginning of his concerns.

“$60 billion of it goes to Ukraine,” he explains, and “within that portion of it … about $8 billion goes to direct economic assistance to the Ukrainian government” so that they can continue “paying all of Zelenskyy’s bureaucrats, every government employee in Ukraine, [and] civilians … for an entire year.”

“They’re also free to use that for their own welfare benefit system” and “for their own sort of Ukrainian crony capitalism.”

“We’ve got actual instances of this type of ‘aid’ that we’ve given to Ukraine over the last couple of years being used to buy people concert tickets” and “shore up the viability of clothing stores,” Lee says.

“Also in the bill, you’ve got a total of between $9 and $10 billion going (loosely speaking) to some type of humanitarian aid … in and around Ukraine and in and around Israel, which means that in theory, the Biden administration could channel most or even all of that aid to Gaza.”

If that’s the case, the money will likely go straight into the hands of Hamas, which will do what it’s always done after aid is sent to Gaza — “build tunnels,” “buy arms,” and “prepare to attack innocent Israelis,” Lee warns.

Meanwhile, the average hardworking, taxpaying American “has to shell out an additional thousand just to live — just to put the roof over [their] head.”

But there is hope. Look no further than last week when the disastrous border bill was thankfully killed.

“You gotta do it again,” says Glenn. “You do make a difference. Call your Senator and say in no uncertain terms, ‘You’re not to keep giving my children and my great-great-grandchildren’s money away … Enough is enough.”’

To hear more about the Senate’s new war bill, watch the clip below.

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