Hamas Hostages’ Families Fly to the Hague to File Suit Against Jihadis

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More than a hundred representatives of the hostages Hamas kidnapped from Israel are headed to the International Criminal Court at The Hague to file an official complaint against the brutal terrorist organization that killed or seized over 1,400 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023.


Ofri Bibas, the sister of Yarden Bibas (captive along with her little boy and baby), insisted, “This is not just our story — if we do not stop this, tomorrow it will become the story of the entire world.” According to the Jerusalem Post on Feb. 14, Bibas added, “Two children, one an infant and his older brother, still innocent of the world’s evils, along with their parents, are held captive by a terror organization whose members have killed, blinded, and committed unspeakable acts, and it doesn’t end there.” Indeed, tragically, “We continue to receive numerous reports that these cruel acts are still happening today.”

The Jerusalem Post explained that Israel is not an ICC member, but prosecutor Karim Khan previously claimed jurisdiction for his court over potential war crimes committed during the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict. Hence the Israelis will be filing article 15 communications on behalf of the hostages in Hamas’s control. “These legal filings are meant to provide information to the prosecution and are part of a wider push to get the ICC to act against Hamas leaders.”

Would Hamas return its captives if the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled against them? Quite possibly not, but it is undeniably true that Westernersaid to Gaza and persistent support of the Gazans (who are controlled by and in sympathy with the terrorists) have allowed Hamas to continue its fight against Israel and refuse to make peace. If Hamas knew that the West was unequivocally on the side of Israel, as it should be, what could be accomplished? In any case, the ICC has an obligation to rule for justice and against blatant violations of international laws and codes by the jihadis.


The BBC explained in 2015 that ICC’s whole purpose is to bring the worst criminals to justice, including those guilty of war crimes (like those perpetrated in Israel), genocide (which Hamas aims to commit), and crimes against humanity.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Around 100 representatives of family members of the kidnapped flew to the Netherlands on Wednesday to file an official complaint against Hamas and its leadership at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, according to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

Transported by El Al, family members of the captives held by Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza following the October 7 massacre have departed to file their suit at the ICC. Family members noted that heading to the court was a critical step in bringing their loved ones home, not only as Israelis but as world citizens.

The concept of “world citizens” is fairly meaningless in reality, but certainly, if we are going to have global entities, they ought to be supporting victims of injustice against violent victimizers.

Ziv Abud, the girlfriend of hostage Eliya Cohen, was one of those who spoke to media before the flight. “Having experienced horrors, lost my loved ones, and with my partner still in the clutches of Hamas, I expect that this complaint, and the subsequent legal action, will bring personal justice for each family of the hostages, the bereaved families, those with broken hearts and spirits, and also global justice, clearly demonstrating that we are dealing with a sadistic and cruel terrorist organization,” she stated.


Meanwhile, the sister of hostage Nadav Goldstein said, “Hope dies last,” and, “We are traveling to ensure we are not just witnesses to history as it unfolds but that we are actively writing it, in practice, by ourselves and in our own words.”

The Jerusalem Post noted that lawyer Yael Vias Gvirsman also represents 200 Israeli victims. Some of Gvirsman’s clients already gave ICC investigators testimony, too. The facts are clear and condemn Hamas. Now the ICC should take action.

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