Review: How woke is the new ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’?

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is the legendary film from 2005 that featured Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — but now it’s getting an entirely new look.

The characters have returned for an Amazon Prime show, featuring characters that look nothing like their old ones: Donald Glover in Brad Pitt’s place and Maya Erskine in Angelina Jolie’s place.

The show has gotten decent reviews, but Lauren Chen couldn’t help but wonder if the series was going to replicate what much of Hollywood does these days: spin an old, enjoyable story into pure, leftwing propaganda.

Chen was surprised by what she found, which begins with “a really cool premise.”

“I’m on board with the concept. It’s neat, it’s unique,” she says, as it’s different from the “Brangelina” film. “But, I really take issue here with them calling the show ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’”

“If you’re going to do a totally different premise, a totally different concept, then go with totally different branding. Stop trying to capitalize off older franchises even though you just want to do your own thing,” Chen says.

As for whether or not the show is woke, Chen doesn’t think so.

“I wouldn’t call this woke. Aside from you know, the diversity casting, which obviously did happen,” she says, adding, “but, overall, no, the show is not about deconstructing whiteness or hating on men or anything like that.”

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