‘Sopranos’ actress Drea de Matteo tells Megyn Kelly she regrets Biden vote: ‘I’ve always loved Trump!’

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Veteran actress Drea de Matteo recently appeared on an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” and expressed opinions so controversial in some Hollywood circles that she claimed her appearance was her “coming-out party.”

Among the topics de Matteo and host Megyn Kelly mentioned were vaccines, the “deep state,” and the contentious 2020 presidential election. Amid the hysteria regarding COVID and the race riots at that time, de Matteo admitted that she voted for Biden as “the lesser of two evils,” a decision she now says she regrets.

“I got swept up in the emotion of it all,” she told Kelly.

“I wasn’t paying close enough attention to understand what was really happening,” she continued. “… We all took a nap. We were all sleeping. I was definitely sleeping. I don’t know what I was focused on.”

With another presidential election just around the corner, de Matteo is now weighing whether to vote for Trump or RFK Jr. The actress claims she has a fondness for the Kennedy dynasty and admires RFK Jr.’s temperament, whereas she respects Trump’s “anti-globalism” and “how crass he is.”

“I’m a New Yorker, so I’ve always loved Trump!” she stated.

Because the two men seem to have such complementary skillsets, de Matteo claimed that she would love to have them “together” on the same ticket. “I feel like Kennedy could be a great voice where Trump loses it, and then Trump is good muscle,” she explained.

De Matteo also opened up about the noxious culture in Hollywood and the hypocrisy of many its high-profile stars.

“They’re supposed to be hippies, the people that really do care about equality and inclusivity,” she said. “Then all of a sudden, they are the ones shutting everything down, shutting everyone out, condemning freedom of speech, condemning everything!”

“A lot of this stuff is just so wrong, but I guess a lot of people aren’t digging deep enough to research what’s really happening,” she later said.

Though de Matteo, 52, has been a familiar face on the big and small screens for nearly three decades, she is probably best known for her role as Adriana La Cerva on the legendary HBO drama “The Sopranos,” which earned her an Emmy.

In fact, Kelly even joked that Adriana would definitely have voted for Trump — if she hadn’t been killed off the show. De Matteo nodded in agreement: “From the grave!”

In addition to “The Sopranos,” de Matteo also made regular appearances on other popular shows such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Desperate Housewives.”

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