It’s a No-Brainer: Economic Growth Is Happening Mainly in Red States

It might be the easiest answer on Jeopardy: Where is most economic growth in the United States happening? 

If you took “Red States” you win a cookie. The United States is experiencing rapid growth and job creation, with most of the growth occurring in red states.


ABC News doesn’t quite seem to connect all the dots. In fact, it misses the picture entirely, in favor of giving Joe Biden most of the credit for the economic surge.

“Dating back to when the president took office, he has enacted a set of historic legislative accomplishments that have very directly driven the historic labor market recovery and historic economic growth we’ve had,” said Daniel Hornung, deputy director at the National Economic Council, a Biden administration group.

If you gave my dead grandmother $5.5 trillion and pumped it into the economy after an unnecessary shutdown due to a pandemic, she could grow the economy equally as well as Biden.

Any horse’s patootie can grow the economy by waving a magic wand and creating trillions of dollars in economic growth thanks to government spending. The real trick is growing the economy by creating wealth thanks to private investment powered by tax cuts and other monetary vehicles. That’s noninflationary growth, not the artificial imitation growth that Joe Biden created.

Five states are currently enjoying better-than-average performance on four key metrics analyzed by ABC News: job growth, personal income growth, gross domestic product growth and gas prices, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and AAA.

Four of those five states delivered their electoral votes for Trump in the 2020 election, including Idaho, Texas, South Carolina and Utah. The fifth, Wisconsin, went to Biden.

Meanwhile, 13 states boast better-than-average performance on three of the four metrics. Nine of those states backed Trump, among them Florida and Nebraska.


Why growth in red states? You’re not going to believe ABC’s solemn explanation.

ABC reported that almost all the strong economic growth in the country is happening in the Red states, proving to them that warm weather causes economic growth. 

At least that is the explanation that they are going with. 

That, and Democratic mayors in Red states are attracting young liberal workers. So Texas is going gangbusters because people like hot weather and Democrats.

No, I am not kidding. They don’t even mention that Republicans run the states. They are Red states because Trump won. Republican governors and legislators apparently are irrelevant.

ABC says: “The dynamic owes in large part to the appeal of warm weather states for workers and businesses, as well as the combination of company-friendly state policies and Democrat-leaning cities that attract young, educated workers.”

This is totally nuts. And total baloney. Hot Air’s David Strom delivers the coup de grâce.

Given how important Democrat mayors are to prosperity, It’s quite surprising that Portland and San Francisco aren’t doing better. Those cities were considered Nirvana for young urban liberals for decades. What happened? They are no longer run by liberal mayors, perhaps. I should check when Republicans took over the formerly liberal big cities. 

I distinctly remember hearing that Chicago is MAGA country. Maybe Portland is, too, now.


Blue cities have chosen to deliver services and dole out goodies to their allies. Republican governors choose to maintain low taxes and allow individuals and businesses to thrive. It’s not complicated at all. It’s not even as hard as “Final Jeopardy.” 

Unless you’re a biased new service and listening to quack economists.

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