Harvard professor needed ‘police protection’ after publishing study condemned by Claudine Gay

Although Claudine Gay has since stepped down as the president of Harvard University, she once wielded her powers to further the woke agenda.

Many are aware of Gay’s refusal to address anti-Semitism on campus and the alleged plagiarism in her academic work, but fewer are familiar with how she attempted to destroy the career of Dr. Roland G. Fryer, a professor of economics at Harvard.

What was Dr. Fryer’s crime? Publishing research that found no racial disparities behind the killings of unarmed black men in Houston, Texas.

Pat Gray plays a clip of an interview of Dr. Fryer explaining his research:

“Yes, we saw some bias in the low-level uses of force — everyday pushing up against cars and things like that — people seemed to like that result. But we didn’t find any racial bias in police shootings,” Dr. Fryer explained, adding that this research took place over a year’s time and involved the help of eight others.

However, because the result wasn’t what he expected, he restarted the research with eight new RAs.

“They came up with the same exact answer,” he said, but when he published his findings, “all hell broke loose.”

“It was a 104-page, dense academic economics paper with a 150-page appendix, okay? It was posted for four minutes when I got my first email [saying], ‘This is full of s***’ … and I wrote back, ‘How’d you read it that fast?!’”

“I had colleagues take me to the side and say, ‘Don’t publish this; you’ll ruin your career,”’ Dr. Fryer continued. “I said to them, ‘If the second part showed bias, do you think I should publish it then?’ and they said, ‘Yeah, then it would make sense.”’

Thankfully, Dr. Fryer wasn’t swayed by his colleagues and responded with, “I guarantee you, I’ll publish it.”

His boldness didn’t come without consequence though.

“I lived under police protection for about 30 or 40 days,” he said. “I was going to the grocery store to get diapers with an armed guard. It was crazy.”

“People don’t like the truth,” says Pat.

“All he did was present facts, but that’ll get you in trouble,” agrees Keith Malinak.

To hear more of Dr. Fryer’s story, watch the clip below.

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