‘Taken against her will’: Florida woman vanishes in Spain 30 minutes after man spray-paints cameras at her apartment complex

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A woman from Florida was reportedly “taken against her will” in Madrid, Spain, where she was spending time after a rough divorce from her husband, according to one of the woman’s friends, per Fox News Digital.

Ana Maria Knezevic, 40, was a Fort Lauderdale resident who was originally from Colombia. She had been living in a generally safe apartment complex in Madrid’s Salamanca quarter when she mysteriously disappeared on February 2.

Sanna Rameau, Knezevic’s friend, said that “someone has taken her against her will. She has not left on her own. That’s out of the question.” The last time any of her friends had heard from her was around 10:00 p.m. that evening — just 30 minutes before an unidentified man wearing a motorcycle helmet spray-painted the apartment building’s security cameras, according to the report.

The New York Post reported that among the troubling signs leading up to the woman’s disappearance was that she had told friends that she had just met a man and felt an “instant” connection with him. However, some friends have claimed that they have since received oddly phrased text messages in Spanish from the Colombian-born woman and that they are not convinced she is the one writing them.

The woman’s brother, Felipe Henao, told the Daily Mail that “my mother is devastated. I wish I had something new; I wish Ana was back already.”

“I just hope someone with information comes forward to tell us what they know.”

Knezevic was apparently a realtor who also owned a tech support company with her estranged husband. Since their separation, she had started using Bumble in the months leading up to her disappearance.

Reports noted that two men Knezevic had chatted with on the platform have been tracked down by the Spanish authorities.

The Daily Mail mentioned that Knezevic and her husband had been ready to move on. One of the woman’s friends said she was unsure whether Knezevic was using the Bumble app to meet new men or if she was just using the “BFF” mode to make new friends.

“I just know that police have been in contact with several people she was speaking with,” Rameau said.

“I have met with one of them who tells me that they were not romantically involved; they were friends.”

“I have been saying this whole time that we need to get into her phone and look at the platforms she was using.”

“We need to look for any clues in there, but we have not got that far yet.”

While there have been suggestions that the woman’s estranged husband could have something to do with the disappearance, the authorities have not been able to make a connection.

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