Kimmel Mourns Biden ‘Not Getting Credit’ In Election Versus ‘Hair Mussolini’

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel lamented on his Wednesday show that Joe Biden has to convince people he is up to the job of being president despite doing “a pretty solid job” and running against “Hair Mussolini.”

After playing a satirical public service announcement from Biden, Kimmel mourned, “You know, the president may be old, and he is old, but even though he, by just about every measure, is doing a pretty solid job of running the country, he’s been steering us through some very rough waters. He’s not getting credit for it.”

He’s steering us through all the crises that he apparently had nothing to do with. Moving on, Kimmel continued in his lamentations by teeing up a Tuesday clip of CNN’s MJ Lee, “This is unlike any modern election we’ve had, and so now, with that in mind, and I think this is smart, he wants to make it clear to American voters that the choice we are being asked to make in November is between him and a lunatic.”

Lee was then shown reporting that “what we’ve learned is that President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments. We are told that the thrust of the president’s direction was to significantly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the “crazy [bleep]” that Trump says in public.”

Kimmel approved, “I think that’s very positive. Operation Crazy [bleep] is under way, but I think this is the right approach. It must be very frustrating for Joe Biden having all these people doubting whether he is fit to be in office when he’s running against Hair Mussolini.”

At this point, Biden would probably confuse Mussolini for Meloni in the same way he confused Mitterrand for Macron, Kohl for Merkel, and Egypt for Mexico.

Here is a transcript for the February 21 show:

ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live!


11:38 PM ET

JIMMY KIMMEL: You know, the president may be old, and he is old, but even though he, by just about every measure, is doing a pretty solid job of running the country, he’s been steering us through some very rough waters. He’s not getting credit for it. This is unlike any modern election we’ve had, and so now, with that in mind, and I think this is smart, he wants to make it clear to American voters that the choice we are being asked to make in November is between him and a lunatic. 

MJ LEE: Yeah, Briana, what we’ve learned is that President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments. We are told that the thrust of the president’s direction was to significantly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the “crazy [bleep]” that Trump says in public. 

KIMMEL: All right, well, that’s – I think that’s very positive. Operation Crazy [bleep] is under way, but I think this is the right approach. It must be very frustrating for Joe Biden having all these people doubting whether he is fit to be in office when he’s running against Hair Mussolini. 

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