Parents who deny their children ‘gender-affirming services,’ abortions would be called abusers under Illinois Democrat bill

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Parents who deny their children “gender-affirming services” and abortions would be called abusers if an Illinois Democrat bill passes.

What are the details?

Democrat State Rep. Anne Stava-Murray proposed House Bill 4876, which would amend the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act to define an “abused child” as one whose parents deny the child abortions or “gender-affirming services,” the Center Square reported.

The outlet said Stava-Murray didn’t respond to requests for comment.

However, the Center Square noted that Stava-Murray said in response to Facebook comments that “trans kids go through irreversible damage from a puberty that doesn’t match their gender identity every day in this country. To ignore that damage further harms trans children and puts them at risk for the mental health issues you purport to care about. Giving access to lifesaving gender affirming care should be the standard.”

More from the outlet:

The bill does not define “gender-affirming services,” but refers to the definition in the Reproductive Health Act. A measure Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed last year amending the Reproductive Health Act doesn’t define “gender-affirming services,” but does describe the treatment of gender dysphoria “or the affirmation of an individual’s gender identity or gender expression.”

Treatment for gender dysphoria or “affirmation of an individual’s gender identity or gender expression” under the amended act says it includes “all supplies, care, and services of a medical, behavioral health, mental health, surgical, psychiatric, therapeutic, diagnostic, preventative, rehabilitative, or supportive nature that is not unlawful under the laws of this State.”


Awake Illinois founder Shannon Adcock launched a campaign against the bill, the Center Square noted.

“In Illinois, parents who are considered child abusers can lose custody of their children if in this case they do not affirm transgender drugs, surgical procedures such as penis and breast removal; this is incredibly radical,” Adcock told the outlet.

Adcock also explained to the Center Square that under Stava-Murray’s bill, denial of abortion, hormone therapy, or other gender surgeries aren’t the only things that could trigger child abuse or neglect charges. She also told the outlet that denial of “primary medical care” such as drug prescriptions or vaccines would be catalysts for child abuse accusations.

“And if a minor opts for this, and you as a parent deny that, that means that you are considered an abuser of a child,” Adcock added to the Center Square.

What’s more, Adcock told the outlet that the bill would expand what mandated reporters of alleged child neglect and abuse must disclose.

She added to Center Square that under the bill, “doctors that are performing these procedures against a parent’s [will] would not be sued.”

The bill was in the House Rules committee last week, the outlet said.

Here’s a news video focusing on another group’s push for a ballot proposal protecting parents’ rights in light of the Illinois bill:

Conservative parents push for ballot question on child gender therapy

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