Womens’ Rights! New York County First to Ban Boys From Girls’ Sports

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Effective immediately, boys are no longer permitted to play girls’ sports in New York’s Nassau County, which is on Long Island and borders the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.


FACT-O-RAMA! Geographically speaking, the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn are both located on Long Island but are part of New York City. Long Island is considered to be Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Confused? That’s okay. Even many New York City dwellers don’t understand this.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is set to announce his executive order Thursday, thought to be the first in the nation, banning transgender men living as women from competing against female competitors.

“We are protecting girls’ right to compete against other girls,” Blakeman told the New York Post. “It makes no sense for biological boys who identify as transgender to compete against girls. It’s completely unfair. Biological boys are faster, bigger, and stronger. They have a physical advantage against women.”

Blakeman agreed to write the executive order after backlash from parents and female athletes.

Blakeman’s order is just in time as Nassau County is licensing with sporting leagues using county sports venues for the 2024 sports season. This will include tennis courts, swimming pools, baseball and softball fields, and soccer fields.


Sports leagues will have to agree in writing that transgender people will not be allowed to compete against women before being allowed to use county-owned sports venues.

The decision to ban men living as women from female sporting events comes as confused men in dresses are setting records in women’s sports, even at the high school level.

FACT-O-RAMA! George Washington’s Culper spy ring operated out of the Long Island town of Setauket. It was organized by a cavalry officer named Benjamin Tallmadge and is considered the best intelligence network on either side during the war. You can watch a TV show about the Culper spy ring called “Turn.” Then you can tour Setauket and see where it all took place.

A girls’ varsity basketball team recently forfeited the game at halftime after a transgender player — more than six feet tall and with facial hair — injured three girls on the court. That left the team with only five available players, and they were reluctant to play after watching their friends go down.

For Our VIPs: Non-Binary Teen’s Death Blamed on Libs of TikTok

Five transgender players recently dominated a women’s volleyball game in Canada, with two transgender players on one team and three on the others. This came just as two women players received concussions from male players.


The Unione Cycleste Internationale, which governs cycling events worldwide, banned “some” transgenders from competing against women in worldwide bicycle races, based on how much testosterone a competitor has in his system.

Blakeman’s executive order doesn’t take testosterone levels into account. His order is based on one’s biological sex at birth.

Did You Know? Long Island is the home of America’s favorite pro-America, anti-commie pinko radio program, The Kevin Downey, Jr. Show, which airs every Monday through Friday from 10-11 a.m. EST.

Professional victims attacked Blakeman and whined about “inclusivity” and “hate,” with one going so far as to ghoulishly lie and mention the “non-binary” girl in Oklahoma who recently died but not because of a fight she had at school, as was first reported.

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