The blame game: Netanyahu unfairly targeted by Biden & Blinken

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There’s an intense propaganda campaign being led by Secretary of State Antony Blinken against Netanyahu and the Israelis — and Mark Levin is well aware.

“He goes to the Middle East and he trashes the Israelis,” Levin says, adding, “they were burned alive, pregnant women having their stomachs cut open and the babies pulled out and executed, decapitating people, the most horrendous things.”

Despite all the horrors, Blinken reportedly said that the Israelis should not be dehumanizing the Palestinians.

Levin believes this is an “attempt to create moral equivalency.”

“Rather than the Palestinians showing that they love life and the life of other people, you’ve got to degrade the Jews in Israel to the level of the barbarian, the Hamas murders,” he says.

Meanwhile, Biden is doing whatever he can to help Iran secure nuclear weapons.

“Iran is going to get to nuclear weapons now because of Biden and Blinken,” Levin says.

The one man who stands in the way of their plans is Benjamin Netanyahu, which is why they’re attacking him so viciously.

“The one man who is standing up in the Middle East, even in his own country, saying, ‘We’re not going to put up with this,’ is Netanyahu. The one man who has the guts to say no to Blinken and Biden is Netanyahu,” Levin says.

“They’re trying to topple him. It’s a coup from outside of Israel,” he adds.

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