Judge Orders FBI Informant Who Blew the Whistle on Biden-Burisma Bribery Scheme to Remain Jailed Pending Trial


*Biden’s revenge*

A federal judge on Monday ordered the FBI informant indicted by Biden’s DOJ for blowing the whistle on the Biden-Burisma bribery scheme to remain behind bars pending trial.

Alexander Smirnov, the FBI’s Confidential Human Source who blew the whistle on the Biden-Burisma bribery scheme, was arrested again on the same charges last Thursday after the federal prosecutors deemed him a flight risk.

Smirnov, a dual citizen of Israel and the US, was previously released from pre-trial detention by Las Vegas-based magistrate judge Daniel Albregts. Prosecutors urged Albregts to keep Smirnov behind bars because he has ‘ties to Russian intel officials’ who could help him flee. They also claimed Smirnov had access to millions of dollars and could flee on an Israeli passport.

Albregts refused to detain Smirnov. He just wasn’t buying what the federal prosecutors were alleging.

“I understand the concern about foreign intelligence agencies potentially resettling Mr. Smirnov outside of the United States, his connections to them, but I think on some level that’s speculative as well,” Albregts said, according to Politico. “Because, as Mr. Chesnoff points out, I don’t know what Mr. Smirnov will be thought of in Russia, but my guess is at this stage he probably thinks that’s not the most attractive place to go either if he was in fact inclined to go hide somewhere.”

Prosecutors filed additional charges against Smirnov in California since the Vegas-based magistrate judge refused to detain him.

Smirnov was arrested last Thursday while he was meeting with his lawyers which shows he was likely not a flight risk.

US District Judge Otis Wright, a Bush appointee, denied Smirnov bail.

Fox News reported:

A California federal judge on Monday denied a bail release to ex-FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, who stands accused of lying about the Biden family’s business ties.

U.S. District Judge Otis Wright ordered that Smirnov would remain in detention ahead of his trial, concurring with prosecutors who argued he presented a high flight risk. Lawyers for Smirnov argued that he had already invested significant funds into his efforts to defeat the charges, indicating he had no intention to flee.

“He didn’t try to run. He didn’t try to move money,” defense lawyer David Chesnoff said of Smirnov’s conduct in recent days.

Wright was unconvinced, however, telling Smirnov that he was “not satisfied there are conditions … that will satisfy my concern whether you will flee the jurisdiction.”

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