Blue Drag Queen Protests Missouri Law Banning Shows for Kids

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I may be a proud son of Florida and am enjoying Ron DeSantis’s time as governor, but Missouri is really starting to grow on me. Just a few days ago State Sen. Jamie Gragg (R-140th District) introduced a bill punishing educators who encouraged students under the age of 18 into transitioning as sex offenders, and State Rep. Mazzie Christensen (R-2nd District) introduced a bill prohibiting drag shows for kids.


The public hearing took place on Wednesday, including testimony from this fine specimen calling himself “Maxi Glamour,” who for some reason thought it appropriate to make his case against the bill looking like… well, this (courtesy of LibsofTikTok):

I made myself listen to this Blue Meanie wearing a Marie Antoinette wig so you don’t have to, and as you may guess he rattled off the usual arguments on why exposing young kids to extremely raunchy humor and overtly sexual performances is somehow a good thing.

And because no trans person can argue without using hysterical language, Mr. Maxi said this Missouri bill would “eradicate gender nonconforming people from the public square” and called Mrs. Christensen an “uncultured individual who hasn’t actually been to a drag show.”


Naturally, he also says this bill is somehow “white supremacist,” even though just as many Black, Latino, and Asian parents don’t want their kids watching drag shows either.

He then trailed off on something about reading books at a synagogue “about empathy, understanding people in the community, and being a good person” and how this bill would apparently cause “a vacuum of hyper vacancy, of wealth inequality, and a whole bunch of trauma.”

Gee, I wasn’t aware such a tiny sliver of the population could influence the economy that much!

In all seriousness, the transgender and drag queen crowd has a serious sense of myopia when it comes to laws about them.

Remember how at the beginning of February a bunch of people were protesting a Florida law prohibiting changing the sex on your driver’s license?

They did it by playing dead in front of the DMV and tax collectors’ offices with signs saying “Ron DeSantis/Florida DMV killed me,” and, “The Nazis kept track of us too,” and “Hitler’s Steps: 1. Ban books 2. Identify Queer People.”

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And that was just the latest instance.

Every bill seeking to circumvent the undue influence of the trans and drag crowd, especially when it comes to kids, is somehow an act of genocide, and parents are regularly extorted into transitioning their kids by claiming if they don’t, their kids will commit suicide. And if that fails, they openly tell kids to keep secrets from their parents and run away from home (look how that turned out for Sage Blair).

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Speaking of kids, Mr. Glamour up there was asked what constitutes a child, which he said was “a socially contingent thing.”

Make of that what you will.

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