Curses! Daylight Saving Time Arrives on Sunday Morning

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The following is a public service announcement from PJ Media. 

Be it known that on Sunday, March 10 at 2 a.m., Daylight Saving Time will come into effect for most of the United States. You must move all clocks one hour ahead, according to the instructions issued to you when you were a child.


Remember: “Spring Forward, Fall Back” with the word “Spring” referring to the season, not jumping like a kangaroo, and the word “Fall” also referring to the season and not something we might expect Joe Biden to do while walking up the steps to Air Force 1.

Most of our watches and clocks are digital and will make the change automatically. But since I have a 40-year-old Timex, I will have to wind the hands of the clock forward for an hour. I also have an old analog wall clock that will have to be manually set.

Pain. In. The. A**.

We are also going to lose an hour of sleep, which seems entirely unfair since I’m working on Sunday. 

I know that Congress is dysfunctional, stupid, rabidly partisan, and without question, the sorriest bunch of losers ever to inhabit the swampland in Washington. But why can’t they, just once, do the right thing and get rid of this petty annoyance for good?


In March 2022, the Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act. The intent behind the bill was to make daylight saving time permanent starting in the spring of 2023.

And at first, it looked as though it might become a reality. The Senate passed the bill through an expedited process and with unanimous consent — legislative rarities in this day and age.

But the bill wasn’t taken up in the House. Members cited higher priorities, like a budget deficit and the war in Ukraine, but there was also a growing chorus of criticism about the bill’s approach.


As it turns out, healthcare workers and some researchers claim that if we end Daylight Saving Time, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

Detroit Free Press:

Americans experience physical health problems caused by the biannual time changes, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. They included strokes, heart attacks, accidents, and changes in mood.

Some scientists suggest that your biological clock gets out of sorts.

Other studies tie the start of daylight saving time with an increase in car accidents.

I can perfectly understand the changes in mood. For a couple of days after the time change, I feel like a caveman as my biological clock goes haywire and I end up in 10,000 BC.

Not to worry. I always end up right back here where I started: 1972.

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