Doritos pulls a Bud Light, hires trans influencer with a DARK past as new brand ambassador

Companies would be wise to learn from Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney controversy — a scandal that cost the brewing company hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and Anheuser-Busch several billion in market value.

Doritos, however, has chosen to fall in line with the woke crowd and is likely heading toward a “Bud Light 2.0,” according to Jason Whitlock.

The company recently hired trans influencer Sam Hudson, who goes by Samantha, to be its newest brand ambassador in Spain.

But Sam’s sexual orientation isn’t the only thing that’s problematic. He also has no shortage of skeletons in his closet.

When news of his new position with Doritos went public, several disturbing posts and comments Hudson made on X have since resurfaced — one of them being his plans to dismantle the nuclear family.

“I advocate for the destruction and for the annihilation of the traditional, monogamous, nuclear family,” he said in a video posted on X.

But that’s not even the worst of it.

“This dude is a pedophile,” says Jason, adding that Hudson has a “nasty history.”

Other resurfaced posts suggest that Hudson allegedly made sexually explicit comments about underage girls and about hating female rape victims.

The fact that “everybody has to promote, be an ally for, [and] publicly support the LGBTQIA+ silent P movement” is something that Jason can’t wrap his mind around, especially considering that this type of societal pressure has amounted to promoting pedophilia.

“It speaks to the depths that we fall into,” he says, adding that he plans to part ways with Doritos.

However, there’s one problem Jason sees.

“Let’s say we kick Doritos to the curb,” he says. “I would bet the same people probably own Tostitos or whatever brand you might switch to,” making it nearly impossible to implement a full boycott.

“The people that were saying this transgender stuff is a gateway to pedophilia” are being proven right, says Shameka Michelle.

The leftists wrote off these prescient individuals as “conspiracy theorists” guilty of “pushing far right talking points,” but “here we are now because so many people now don’t even want you referring to it as pedophilia,” she continues, noting that pedophiles have since been renamed “MAP or minor attracted persons” to “make [pedophilia] more acceptable.”

“The P is no longer silent — it’s loud.”

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