Embarrassing: Watch this ATF agent struggle to disassemble a gun

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While the Biden administration has made it clear the government doesn’t want anyone to own guns but it — its agents don’t seem to know how to handle guns themselves.

This was made obvious on a recent segment of CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

In it, the ATF’s acting chief of the Firearms Ammunition Technology Division, Chris Bort, failed to disassemble a Glock slide after multiple tries.

“They don’t know anything about the guns that they’re presenting,” Pat Gray says, shocked.

Bort went on to claim that with just 20 minutes of work, one could convert the gun that he was unable to disassemble.

“Unless you’re him,” Gray jokes, “then it might take you two to three weeks.”

When the camera panned to the CBS host, the audio picked up Bort fidgeting with the weapon, still unable to disassemble it.

The point of the segment was to show how easy it would be for illegal weapons to be created, but Bort essentially disproved the entire reason he was there.

“These are the people that are regulating your life,” Keith Malinak exclaims, dumbfounded.

“I mean, we laugh because it’s hysterical, but it’s also terrifying,” he adds.

To see the footage of Bort’s embarrassing struggle, watch the clip below.

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