False Racism Accusation From Biden’s DEI Hack Rocks Race For Pennsylvania Auditor General

You probably aren’t following all the statewide races in Pennsylvania, but it has become a textbook example of the Democratic Party’s obsession with diversity over competence.


In December, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party refused to make an endorsement in the race for attorney general but just had to make a “historic” endorsement in the race for Pennsylvania’s auditor general, choosing State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta over Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley. On merit alone, Pinsley was the obvious choice, considering he’s an experienced auditor. 

Pinsley made national news recently when he wrote a 100-page report detailing over 70 families who had been falsely accused of child abuse by one child abuse pediatrician at Lehigh Vally Medical Center, which PJ Media reported in October. He has also been endorsed by Moms for Liberty.

So why did the party choose Kenyatta over Pinsley? I should add that it wasn’t even close. Kenyatta received more than 90% of the state party committee’s vote. If you guessed identity politics, you are right. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party “made history” by endorsing the “first openly gay black man” for a statewide office. Pinsley, a heterosexual white man, never had a chance.

Kenyatta may not be qualified to be auditor general, but he checks off all the right diversity boxes to get ahead in the Democratic Party. Joe Biden appointed him to serve on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Black Americans, and soon after he joined the Biden-Harris Campaign National Advisory Board. Kenyatta has served as a campaign surrogate for Joe Biden, not only making appearances on national television on Biden’s behalf but even traveling to primary states for him.


Since his “historic endorsement,” Kenyatta has truly proven himself to be the DEI hack that he is. Last month, it was revealed that Kenyatta was accusing Pinsley of racism, after Ring camera footage of him attempting to persuade Jackie Jones, a committeewoman for Philadelphia’s 47th Ward, to convince one of his primary opponents for state representative — which Kenyatta is simultaneously seeking reelection for — to drop out.

“And so, one of my opponents dropped out of the race, and he’s endorsing me next week; that’s what we were talking about,” Kenyatta said. “And then the other opponent, you know, is staying in the race, but he’s just… he’s just being a big — a big racist. He’s saying that people shouldn’t go for me because I’m black.”

In a separate clip from the same interaction, Kenyatta can be seen and heard saying, ”There’s the guy Mark Pinsley, who I told you don’t like black people. He’s still running. So we’ll see if he can get on the ballot. I have no idea.”

Kenyatta refused to acknowledge his accusations in a statement following the release of the Ring video clips.

“I’m running for auditor general to make our government work for all families. I won’t be distracted by dirty political tricks,” Kenyatta said in a statement.

But Pinsley is calling Kenyatta out.

“Once again, Rep. Kenyatta has shown he lacks the maturity or integrity to hold this position and continues to engage in dangerous rhetoric,” Pinsley told PJ Media. “He has refused to acknowledge how unacceptable his behavior was and has responded with arrogance. Kenyatta’s statements are fallacious and divisive.”


“I’m focused on running a campaign about the transformative power of the Auditor General’s Office and how it can positively impact the lives of people in our state. It’s shameful that Rep. Kenyatta can’t make a case for his own campaign and must resort to personally attacking me,” Pinsley continued. “I am the only Democrat running for Auditor General who has done the job, who has a finance background, who has a business background, and who has taken on powerful institutions for the people. While Rep. Kenyatta is running for both Auditor General and State Representative, he has proven that he is unfit for either position.”

Indeed, but this is the kind of candidate that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed. They chose identity over competence and wound up with a guy who needs to falsely accuse his opponents of racism because that’s the only weapon he has.

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