Glenn Beck’s initial reaction to Biden’s SOTU is NOT what you’d expect

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Glenn Beck likes to keep it PG, but Biden’s State of the Union address was so horrific that he couldn’t refrain from saying, “Excuse me, I never use this language, but what an a**hole. … What a colossal f**king a**hole.”

“I would have gotten up and walked out,” he tells Stu Burguiere.

What about Biden’s speech drove Glenn to such anger?

Basically all of it.

“His priorities [were] … war,” giving “more money to Raytheon,” convincing people that “Trumpers are dangerous and out of control,” “January 6,” “IVF,” and “Roe vs. Wade,” says Glenn.

“He chastised the Supreme Court and said that he won’t take people’s choices away, [but] that’s not what they did,” he continues. “They said it’s up to the states” and not “nine judges in black robes.”

When Biden addressed the pandemic, he stated that “Trump didn’t care,” which Glenn says is “an outrage.”

Then Biden divulged his plans to “unite all Americans” and “cure cancer with the nightmare drug that we are using for Covid.”

“What are you talking about?” asks Glenn in disbelief.

When Biden finally addressed inflation, he gave his usual ridiculous spiel on how “inflation is down” and “the economy is booming” thanks to him.

“Can I just do some simple math for everyone?” says Glenn. “If your inflation was 9% and now it’s 3%, that means your inflation in total is 12%. You have to carry the 9 with you.”

“[Biden] is basically saying the government is the economy. The government is going to spend all this money and build everything, and that’s what’s going to put people to work. Well, governments don’t actually create any wealth; they take the wealth from others and then spend it on crappy programs,” he continues. “Then what happens? Nothing — it doesn’t create anything in the end.”

The president also brought up lowering the price of prescription drugs. To that, Glenn says, “I’m all for that.”

There’s a problem though — “You cannot do that while you are in bed … with Pfizer and all of the big pharmaceutical companies.”

The only nice thing Glenn has to say about Biden’s State of the Union address is that “he did a good job to dispel the idea that he’s an old, weak man.”

But that’s probably just because his doctor “juiced him up” prior to the speech.

To hear Glenn’s thoughts on Biden’s comments regarding unions and credit cards fees, as well as his newfound feelings about House Speaker Mike Johnson, watch the clip below.

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