Happy International Women’s Day From All The Transgenders

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Every freakin’ year I hope and pray that International Women’s Day will be a day where real, biological women, come together to celebrate the advancements and accomplishments women have made throughout the years and every freakin’ year I am disappointed that fake women try to get in on the action too. 

March 8 marks International Women’s Day and, as you can probably imagine, the day is no longer just celebrated by women but by transgender women (men), too. This year, social media provided a smorgasbord of celebratory posts from girls, fake girls and everyone in between.

An Anglican Priest, who is a self-proclaimed “HIV+ Activist,” shared a graphic that said “International Women’s Day. — includes Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender women.” 

One user wrote, “Happy International Women’s Day!!! Especially to all my transgender girlies, this day is yours as well. I celebrate and cherish you.”

Similarly, another user wrote, “All the love to my cisgender, transgender women, AND non-binary members of our community.”

One added the hashtag “#TransWomenAreWomen” and wrote, “Happy International Women’s Day to all women out there including transgender women! Sadly, this country is so far behind in terms of accepting us but always remember that you are seen, valid and loved. We are in this together.”

Is that so? Last I checked, women have XX chromosomes and men have XY chromosomes. Funny enough, transgender women have XY chromosomes which makes them…Yup, you got that right — MEN!

On the contrary, some users – like me – were not feeling the tranny take over.

“Trans women are male,” a user wrote. ”Trans women get trans awareness week. Transgender day of Remembrance, International Transgender Day of Visibility, they’re also include in Pride and all other LGBTQ events. Let females have their *one* day.”

Another asked the question: “We have Black History Month, Pride Month, Islamophobia Awareness Month and, of course, Transgender and Non Binary Empowerment Month, but Women can’t have one day!”

It’s rather disheartening to see that one day meant to celebrate real, biological women is being flooded by fake women. Hopefully, during International Women’s Day 2025 we stop celebrating lunacy and delusion like transgenderism and start celebrating actual women for once.

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