NewsBusters Podcast: Moms for Liberty Co-Founder on Her ’60 Minutes’ Experience

On Sunday night, the long-running CBS News program 60 Minutes aired a hatchet job by Scott Pelley on the conservative group Moms for Liberty and their advocacy for “book bans” — keeping pornography out of the public school libraries.

Pelley attacked the Moms for evasive answers, but the CBS edits were incredibly evasive…especially refusing to delve into the graphically sexual content at issue. Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice explains to us what happened during the taping last October. She read parts of six extremely disturbing books that you wouldn’t want your children to absorb at a young age.

The central hypocrisy of the libertine leftist media is they will not actually engage on the content. When you try and read it to the public, they portray you as the pervert, not the author! How can anyone decide whether a book is appropriate if you refuse to read it and debate it?

For his part, Pelley only showed Tiffany’s attempt to read from a book called Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, dismissing it all: “In a tactic of outrage politics, Moms for Liberty takes a kernel of truth and concludes these examples are not rare mistakes, but a plot to sexualize children.” Pelley and his producers apparently think school libraries should include depictions of Kobabe envisioning having her imaginary penis in mid-fellatio, as well as talk of masturbation and blow jobs. 

Pelley also presented the Moms as “conservative,” but their opponents were “the diversity and inclusion movement.” They pretend the Left isn’t ideological, only the conservatives are. At another point, Pelley claimed the people sticking up for porny books in Beaufort, South Carolina “confronted fear and ignorance with civility and knowledge.” Once again, Pelley was keeping the audience ignorant by refusing to let the books be read. 

Tiffany and her co-founder Tina Descovich insisted on recording the full interview, so they could preserve what actually happened in the larger interview. Overall, they felt that it was worth the risk to get their message out, and they received a lot of supportive messages after it aired.

The amazing thing is that when Tiffany debated Joy Reid in January, it was all on the table, and there were no edits. Joy Reid was fairer than CBS!

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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