WATCH: MSNBC Panics, Turn the Screws on Third Party Candidates

The Brandon Entity’s lackluster performance Thursday night did nothing to assuage the technocrats’ concerns about his electability in November — even with the entire legacy media on his side, probably vote-rigging, and unprecedented lawfare directed at his rival — no matter what the publicly-facing spin from the propagandists says to the contrary.


He’s in a world of electoral trouble and things are only liable to get worse.

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To remedy things, Morning Joe, epicenter of the Deep State hive mind, invited a dried-up hack somehow older than Biden himself on to tut-tut the various third-party candidates daring to exercise their Constitutional right to seek public office — some might call that the practice of (small d) democracy — on account that they’re likely to cost Biden the election.

For those unaware of this Swamp creature, Gephardt is a lawyer-turned-Congressman-turned-lobbyist who was once House Majority Leader back in the 90s. He is only considered relevant today for the propaganda he engages in on behalf of the Democrat party. In other words, he’s right at home on MSNBC.

During his Morning Joe appearance, alongside former Democrat propagandist and current “journalist” Jen Psaki, Gephardt trotted out all the hits: third-party candidates are going to give the country over to fascism; third-party candidates cost Al Gore the 2000 election (they’re still bitter clingers to that narrative) and Hillary Clinton her anointment in 2016; third-party candidates are an existential threat to Democracy™, etc.

Nowhere in his ramblings, you will notice, does he talk about anything of substance that Biden could do to persuade voters on the fence to vote for him; it’s all Machiavellian election-rigging and bean-counting and voter-shaming, a tactic they’ve tried and failed with more often than not. It turns out voters don’t like being told they’re evil for exercising the freedom of choice to vote their conscience.


Gephardt’s been on this beat for some time now.

Via The Hill, July 2023:

Former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt argued that a third-party candidacy backed by the centrist political group No Labels “would probably elect” former President Trump back into the White House.

Gephardt said in an interview with PBS NewsHour on Monday that the effort from No Labels to run a bipartisan ticket of one Democrat and one Republican in the 2024 presidential election would not be an issue in “normal times,” as third parties have consistently run throughout U.S. history.

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