America’s ON FIRE, and China’s holding the gas can!

Author Peter Schweizer has blown the lid open on just how insidious China’s influence over America really is.

“China’s holding an empty can of gasoline, and our leaders are basically not saying or doing anything,” Schweizer tells Sara Gonzales.

“It’s not that they caused these problems, but they’ve exacerbated them and made them worse,” he adds.

Some of those problems are the violent left-wing groups operating in America’s streets and the fentanyl epidemic that’s killing thousands of Americans every year.

According to Schweizer, the drug cartels in Mexico may be the junior partners overseeing the fentanyl crisis — but the Chinese are the senior partners. The Chinese start the process when they ship the “component parts of the fentanyl” to a port in Mexico.

This port is run by a Chinese company, which then sends the parts to northern Mexico, where it’s made into fentanyl. That fentanyl is then distributed to the 2,000 Chinese nationals in northern Mexico before it makes its way across the border.

“The cartels are helping kill their customers, but the profit margin for fentanyl is 8 to 10 times what it is for cocaine, so they’re willing to suffer those casualties. Meanwhile, the senior partner, the Chinese,” Schweizer explains, “what they really want to do is kill Americans.”

Now, fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans under 45.

“That’s the thing, China’s like, ‘Good, we want to kill Americans,’” Gonzales says, disturbed.

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