Glenn Beck dropped the F-BOMB after SOTU speech. Here’s why

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President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address was so full of lies and finger-pointing that even Glenn Beck lost his cool and dropped the forbidden F-bomb.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done that before,” Glenn says.

“It happened because I just walked away from the television where I had been pacing like a caged animal because I was so angry at the lies, and not only that, the childish rubbing people’s noses in it,” he adds.

It started when Biden claimed that Donald Trump didn’t care about the American people during COVID.

“It started there, and then he went into rubbing Republicans’ noses, like in the border, which was a complete lie,” Glenn explains, adding, “On his day of inauguration, all of a sudden, the border surge started.”

“95 executive orders allowing it to happen,” he continues, noting that thousands of Americans have died after the surge in fentanyl use that resulted from Biden’s disastrous border policies.

“He won’t stop it because he’s in bed with China,” Glenn says. “How dare you.”

While Glenn had been taking notes on the State of the Union address, none of his notes did justice to how he was really feeling.

“No point that I made from my notes really summed up what I felt the president did, and who he was in that, and that’s when I dropped the CFA, maybe more than once,” he explains.

“I shouldn’t have done that, because I want to be a better person,” Glenn continues, adding, “and quite honestly, I am glad I am on federally regulated broadcast airwaves today, because it’s one of the reasons why I joined my church. I need strong framework to help me be a better man.”

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