Scarborough: My ‘Pro-Life’ Evangelical Relatives Horrified By Overturning of Roe v. Wade

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Joe Scarborough Eugene Robinson MSNBC Morning Joe 3-8-24On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough told a tale of attending a family gathering for his last birthday, and that his family members there were ”all Republicans. All pro-life. All evangelicals.”

And yet, were they really “pro-life”? According to Scarborough, 30 minutes into the gathering, one relative raised the anedcote of a woman in Texas who was bleeding out because the doctor wouldn’t perform an abortion. And that in turn led to “these people, these Republicans, these pro-lifers, these Southern Baptists, these evangelicals, had one horror story after another horror story about what terminating Roe v. Wade was doing to human beings.”

As opposed to actually terminating human beings.

Not one of those “pro-life” relatives, in Scarborough’s recounting, supported the overturning of Roe?  No, they were all horrified by the decision, and found it devastating. Obviously, then, they’re not “pro-life.” They’re sharing Planned Parenthood talking points. 

Scarborough even had the gall to suggest that Donald Trump goes around bragging that he is responsible for that woman bleeding out, and for the 10-year-old girl being raped and chased out of her state to get an abortion. 

Speaking of pro-life Baptists, Scarborough frequently mentions having been born and raised a Southern Baptist. And he was ardently pro-life back when he represented a conservative Florida Panhandle district in Congress. Joe had 0% ratings from NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and 100% from the National Right to Life Committee.  During his congressional career,  Scarborough surely spoke out in condemnation of Roe v. Wade. Will Scarborough at some point share his conversion story of becoming a born-again promoter of abortion rights and stalwart defender of Roe?

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:43 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I, I, you know, I am a big believer in anecdotal evidence. I’ve talked about this before. My, my last birthday, I had, had my family around. All Republicans. All pro-life. All evangelicals. 

And we were sitting there, and 30 minutes in, we’re just talking about different things. And I think it went from baseball to suddenly somebody said, “hey,did you hear that story about that woman in Texas that was bleeding out because the doctors wouldn’t” — and somebody else said, “Oh, my God. And that woman.” And they.

And I just sat. That’s, that’s where, if you’re in my job either as a politician or, you know, a host on the show here, you just, you try to melt into, you know, the woodwork, and you just try to listen.

These people, these Republicans, these pro-lifers, these Southern Baptists, these evangelicals, had one horror story after another horror story about what terminating Roe v. Wade was doing to human beings. Doing to women. Doing to professional women. Doing to housewives. Doing to 10-year-old girls.

They just sat there going on. And at that point, I said, man, when they start telling stories about how devastating an issue is to all these other people, that’s when you know it really sinks in.

So for Donald Trump to be running around bragging, “I terminated Roe v. Wade. I terminated Roe v. Wade. I’m responsible for that woman bleeding out. I’m responsible for that 10-year-old girl being raped, having to be chased from the states. I’m responsible for the” — it’s just devastating for him. It’s devastating for Republicans. We’ve seen it already since Dobbs became the law of the land.

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