Biden’s Unmedicated Brain Continues to Fail Him After State of the Union

As the liberal media tries desperately to push the narrative that Joe Biden’s 2024 “fiery” State of the Union address was proof he’s energetic and capable of handling the presidency, evidence continues to support the theory he was medicated for the speech.


PJ Media previously reported that an expert who watched the speech said Biden appeared to be under the influence of “Adderall or any amphetamine.”

That Biden had been medicated during the speech was supported by Biden’s glitchiness the following day. His campaign speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was a slightly repackaged version of his State of the Union speech, was a hot mess. At one point, he declared, “Pennsylvania, I have a message for you: send me to Congress!”  

Even on his favorite topic, the Capitol riot, Biden stumbled, erroneously referring to the date as “July the 6th.” Considering he’s been obsessing on this subject for three years, it’s a big deal that he messed it up. Another notable flub came when he said that every world leader has conveyed to him, “You can’t win again.” While, technically, polls show this is correct, I don’t think the story accurately represents what Biden intended to say. Another embarrassing moment was when he forgot the name of the Federal Reserve. 

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Biden’s brain malfunctions have continued since. In an interview with the Biden-friendly network MSNBC, Biden’s brain went haywire when he was asked about delivering another address to the Israeli parliament.


During the same interview, he said, “America made a mistake. We went after bin Laden ’til we got him, but we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine. I mean, excuse me…we shouldn’t have gone into the whole thing in Iraq and Afghanistan—wasn’t necessary.”

Now, even if we ignore the fact that Biden voted to authorize both wars, and opposed the raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden, can anyone make sense of what he’s trying to say there?

Biden’s brain malfunctioned again when asked if he thinks Hamas wants a ceasefire. Just watch.


During a virtual campaign event on Saturday, Biden repeatedly struggled to read off the teleprompter. In one example, Biden told supporters, “Folks, we have come through pretty tough times. And I know, I know we got a lot more to do. We had to stay off—we-we-we have to start off by vaccinating America.” 

Now, it’s likely Biden meant “we had to start off by vaccinating America,” and to some, it may even sound like it, but after listening to it multiple times, I’m confident he said “have.”

But the weird part of that exchange was when he said, “Trump stood flat-footed during that period of time before the pandemic.”

First of all, regardless of what you think about the COVID vaccines, they became available in record time. Second, Biden has repeatedly tried to claim that the vaccines weren’t available until after he took office, even though Biden was vaccinated publicly in December 2020–before he took office. But, did you notice that Biden was critical of Trump’s vaccine record “before the pandemic”? So, Trump was supposed to have a vaccine and a vaccine distribution plan before the pandemic even started? 


And then Biden tripped over his tongue while trying to read “national organizing call” off the teleprompter.

Does this look remotely like the same “fiery” Biden during the State of the Union? Not even close. Something changed.

I said before that Biden making it through the State of the Union wouldn’t be enough to take concerns about his age off the table. The speech was one night; he still has to keep up appearances for another eight months… and it only took a day for him to prove he can’t do that.

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