Former beauty contestant ignites firestorm by attacking TikTok fishing star’s southern accent, doing manual labor: ‘American women are men’

A former beauty pageant contestant turned journalist and political commentator ignited a firestorm by attacking a TikTok fishing star for her southern accent and interest in construction.

Sameera Khan is a former Bernie Sanders supporter and now an “anti-woke” social media commentator.

Khan was a Washington correspondent for the Kremlin-backed RT, but had gotten into trouble with the Russian media outlet in 2018 after she posted memes praising Joseph Stalin’s gulags that the state news network deemed as “uninformed and misguided.” Khan claimed she resigned from RT a week before the controversy.

Khan sparked outrage again this week when she attacked an outdoors social media influencer and American women in general.

Khan denigrated Hannah Barron – an Alabama-based social media star known for her content revolving around hunting, fishing, and firearms. Barron is known as “The Catfish Girl” for her skills at noodling – the act of catching fish with only one’s bare hands.

Barron has over 2.1 followers on TikTok, 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and more than 744,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Khan reposted a TikTok video from Barron’s TikTok account showing Hannah doing a tour of a house being constructed by Barron, her father, and her boyfriend.

Khan mocked Barron and American women by saying, “This accent needs to be illegal and women should be banned from doing manual labour like this. There is NOTHING feminine about American women. American women are literally men.”

She added, “Lebanese women are literally perfect. And they are actually feminine, unlike estrogen-deficient American women who hold the record for highest testosterone levels in the world.”

Khan then posted a video of Barron noodling with the caption: “High-value American men should become passport bros. Don’t they deserve better than the filth they are limited to in their own country…? Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?”

The former beauty pageant contestant wrote on her X account with over 232,000 followers that the United States is under a “tomboy occupation.”

Khan claimed that any man attracted to Hannah “would be embarrassed to be seen with her in public.”

The post on the X social media platform triggered an immediate backlash from netizens.

Conservative political activist Lauren Witzke: “These kind of women give birth to sons who could conquer any Middle Eastern country overnight. Don’t hate on White Southern Women.”

Libertarian activist Spike Cohen: “We need to stop all immigration of people who agree with Samirah until we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Writer Emily Zanotti: “I knew we would get to ‘if you like women you are literally gay’ eventually, I just didn’t anticipate it would be this quickly. Idiots, if you want a homestead, your lady is gonna need to do more with her hands than feed a sourdough starter lol.”

Author Joey Jones: “Women who talk like this, and can do things like this are too busy being satisfied, fulfilled and loved to care about some rando with an X account.”

YouTuber Melonie Mac: “Adorable southern girl who enjoys renovating and fishing. Jealousy ain’t cute, and this sweet young woman you’re trying to drag looks like she’s living her best life and likely has no issues whatsoever with prospects.”

British author Helen Pluckrose: “Men will not hear your spite, Samirah. They will be too busy falling in love with the woman who manages to combine a stunning figure, charisma, energy, an appreciation for construction, likability & a warm, southern accent. I’m half in love with her myself.”

Cartoonist George Alexopoulos: “Useless princess who thinks a hard day’s work is shopping with her father and/or husband’s money and getting her nails done, jealous of American women who don’t need makeup and can build houses.”

A user wrote: “She is beautiful, building a home, and promoting firearms. This is the productive south If you hate this you are miserable as it comes.”

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