Irish Defeat Woke Referenda in Victory for Family Values

The rebellion in Ireland against the government’s leftist, globalist policies continues with the defeat of two leftist referenda on family and women’s domestic roles.


Breitbart reported on the early vote tallies, which have since been confirmed as indicating an accurate final result by The Irish Times. The two referenda would have changed the definition of family from marriage-based to “durable relationship” based, and aimed “to remove supposedly ‘sexist’ references to women and their role in organising domestic life to a gender-neutral concept of ‘care’,” per Breitbart.

With early tallies pointing to a resounding defeat for two referenda seeking to change the definition of marriage and remove references to the pivitol role mothers play in domestic life within the constitution, the government’s transport minister Eamon Ryan conceded on Saturday morning that the “voice of the poeple” must be respected.

“It’s clear we lost,” said Mr Ryan per the Irish Examiner, adding: “But you have to respect the voice of the people.[”]

What a novel concept. Maybe the Irish government can also respect the voice of the people and stop importing illegal aliens who have no intention of assimilating peacefully into Irish society.

Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar admitted the government had received “two wallops” from voters, per The Irish Times. According to the outlet, 67.69% voted no on the first referendum on family, and 73.9% voted no on the second referendum. The Irish government admitted the defeat of their woke plan even before all official results were in.


The group Lawyers for Justice Ireland celebrated the results. “Congratulations to the people of Ireland. You have struck a blow for Irish freedom,” the group posted on Twitter/X. “In these days of darkness when it looked like the corrupt political establishment and their heavily funded NGOs appeared to be dominating and when things appeared lost, the Irish people stood up and achieved a momentous victory.”

The lawyers’ group added: “This Referendum was about the ongoing destruction of Ireland by globalist liberalism. This victory shows that their agenda CAN be stopped and reversed by organised, energised and motivated communities who were determined to fight back. The Irish people have yet again stepped up to the plate and are a shining light in this worldwide struggle against global liberalism. We have won one battle in this ongoing war. God bless Ireland.”

Let’s hope this is a sign that the Irish people are getting ready to reject woke leftism as a whole. Citizens around the world are waking up to the fact that their governments don’t really represent them anymore. And voting is a democratic nation’s most powerful tool for defeating and reforming bad government.

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