Both Trump and RFK Jr. responded to Biden’s SOTU address: Who had the better reaction?

Neither Donald Trump nor RFK Jr. was impressed by Biden’s State of the Union address.

Both candidates took to social media to share their initial responses, which were equally disapproving but radically different.

Trump chose to focus on Biden’s lies: “Joe Biden is on the run from his record and lying like crazy to try and escape accountability for the horrific devastation he and his party have created. All the while they continue the very policies that are causing this horror show.”

“Joe Biden’s sad excuse for a State of the Union address aside, here are the facts: When I left office, we gave Joe Biden the most secure border in U.S. history, we gave him ‘Remain in Mexico’ … safe third agreements, the Asylum Ban, Title 42, 571 miles of border wall, rapid deportations, and much more,” but “as soon as he got in, crooked Joe and his radical left lunatics deliberately dismantled each and every one of those policies.”

“Over the past three years, Biden has actively aided and abetted the importation of millions and millions of illegal alien migrants and resettled them into your communities.”

To Trump’s response, Pat Gray says, “Good stuff,” adding that everything the former president said “is true.”

RFK Jr., on the other hand, chose to ignore Biden’s flaws and rather focus on getting back to the greatness that was once America: “I grew up in an America that seemed to have achieved its promise as an exemplary nation. … We had become the City on the Hill. We were a moral authority around the globe; our government, institutions, our Congress, the court, the regulatory agencies, and even the American press were renowned for their integrity, and they were revered worldwide.”

“Other nations wanted our American leadership. They knew the difference between leadership and bullying, which is something our current leaders seem to have forgotten. We were the template of liberty, proof that for a country to thrive its people must be free — free to speak, free to worship, free to build great companies, free to start small businesses. We were the freest country in the world, and by no coincidence, the most prosperous.”

“Working Americans could provide for their families on a single salary, they could buy a home, raise a family, save for retirement without mountains of debt. We made the best music; we made the best movies; we made gold standard automobiles that everybody in the world wanted; we made blue jeans; we reconstructed Europe; we put men on the moon; we has the world’s healthiest, best educated children.”

“Our productivity, ingenuity, our ‘can do’ spirit were the envy of the world. We had confidence in our strength, our capacity, and the limitless potential of our country.”

“Wow! That’s good; that was inspirational,” says Pat. “What do you disagree with in that?”

Now we’re curious what you think. Who had the better response to Biden’s SOTU address? Donald Trump of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? Leave us a comment below.

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