We are building the infrastructure of human freedom… Brighteon.AI is the next launch that will put life-altering LLM technology into your hands for free

We are building the infrastructure of human freedom… Brighteon.AI is the next launch that will put life-altering LLM technology into your hands for free

Here at Natural News and Brighteon, we are building the infrastructure of human freedom.

Rather than building systems designed to enslave you, control you or maximize corporate profits by monetizing everything about you, we are building systems that empower you, inform you, inspire you and expand your horizons while enhancing your health.

We started by launching NewsTarget.com in 2003 (over twenty years ago!). A few years later, it morphed into NaturalNews.com which reached hundreds of millions of readers with truth-based talk about vaccines, nutrition, health freedom, natural medicine and the dangers of pesticides, herbicides and prescription pharmaceuticals.

After I was maliciously de-platformed by YouTube, we built Brighteon.com, which has become a widely recognized platform of free speech videos, where anyone can join and post free speech content at no charge.

A few years later, we launched Brighteon.Social, which offers a free speech social media platform without the censorship of Twitter / X and Facebook. Then we launched Brighteon.TV, a video broadcast platform, and BrighteonRadio.com for audio broadcast content.

More recently, we launched Brighteon University at BrightU.com, which offers free educational content via video streaming, and it has already reached many millions of people with knowledge-based content.

This year, we are launching two new projects that will profoundly benefit humanity. One of them is still a secret and we can’t share details yet, but the other is Brighteon.AI.

Introducing Brighteon.AI, a non-woke, reality-based Large Language Model (LLM) that’s free to download and use on your own local computer

Visit Brighteon.AI now to register your email address to be alerted when we launch.

Brighteon.AI is the distribution site for our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center Data Science division which is building and releasing free, open source LLMs that are trained on reality-based knowledge for the purpose of empowering humanity.

We’ve all seen Google’s “woke” AI produce historically inaccurate images, where white people are replaced with People of Color (POC) — a scrubbing of history that’s consistent with Google’s unstated mission of deliberately misinforming the world and disconnecting humanity from knowledge. And OpenAI has just added a new board member who used to work with Pfizer and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, underscoring the globalist, anti-human agenda behind OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT). Across the board, from Microsoft, Meta, Google, OpenAI and Amazon, the large corporate AI systems are being trained to lie about race, gender, climate, elections, vaccines, economics, history, science, pharmaceuticals and a thousand other topics that matter to our shared future.

The answer to their lies and programmed misinformation is found in the open source LLM community where “base models” have been released that can be trained with new content and given new knowledge by any organization that has sufficient resources to build out a sufficiently large data pipeline and LLM training center (with lots of NVIDIA GPUs, it turns out).

This is what we have done. We launched our Brighteon.AI project in the last quarter of 2023, and throughout 2024, we will be releasing numerous LLMs that are available for the public to freely download and use on their local Windows, Mac or Linux systems, completely free of charge and without sacrificing your privacy. These models run locally on your own hardware, and they can replace Google and other search engines for the vast majority of questions you might ask. Because they run locally (around 8 GB – 16 GB of RAM is typically required for your local computer), they even work if the internet goes offline. You do not need an internet connection to run these models, in other words.

We are currently calling these “Neo”-enhanced LLMs. We have built an elaborate data pipeline that has gathered a very large repository of reality-based knowledge on food, nutrition, superfoods, phytonutrients, herbs, botany, permaculture, food preservation, gardening and emergency natural medicine. This large repository of human knowledge — spanning hundreds of authors and experts on these topics — is being used to train “based model” LLMs with this expanded information.

The end result is that you will be given access to download a non-commercial, experimental LLM engine that you can turn to with any questions you might have about the topics we’ve trained on. About once a month, we will release a new model — or an expanded version of an existing model — that has been subjected to even more reality-based content and training.

Some of the things you can do with this LLM are truly extraordinary

Far more than just a chatbot that can answer your questions, our “Neo” LLM is also able to achieve many of the following tasks:

– Summarize text. You give it an article, and it can summarize it for you with perfect grammar.

– Give you details about food ingredients. Give it a list of ingredients for a food product and ask it whether those ingredients are good or harmful.

– Compose content. You can ask it to compose an article, an outline, a course, a presentation or any other written content on any subject on which it is trained.

– Ask it to give you a recipe for making a meal out of your favorite ingredient.

– Generate instant articles on the history of Pfizer, or Monsanto, or vaccines, or almost any health-related topic you can imagine. Far better than (CIA-run) Wikipedia, which is engineered to intentionally mislead you.

– Correct your content. You can give it your own article and ask it to fix the text, or to point out its weaknesses, or expand it into more paragraphs.

– Clean up transcripts. It can easily clean up transcripts of the spoken word.

– Clean up OCR errors of scanned documents.

… and a thousand other tasks. Our first round of training is based on English only, but we plan to quickly expand into German, Spanish and French as our next target languages.

We are expanding into natural medicine, off-grid medicine and self-reliance topics

Although our first model focuses on herbs, nutrition, foods and phytochemistry, subsequent expansions of our models will cover off-grid living, including solar, water, permaculture, self-reliance, off-grid survival, emergency medicine and similar topics. Essentially, this will become a “prepper’s instant encyclopedia” where you can ask it almost anything related to living in a more healthful and self-reliant way. For example, you can ask it for instructions on how to build a greenhouse. Or you can ask it how you wire a solar panel to a charge controller.

All these models will be released to the public at no charge, via our CWC non-profit, with a non-commercial structure and a simple disclaimer that warns you about the “experimental” nature of these LLMs.

No other LLM in the world will offer what we’re doing with Neo. And as our data pipeline and training infrastructure continues to expand, we will expand the models that we release to the world, covering more real-world topics such as money, finance, gold and silver (in future models).

Sign up at Brighteon.AI to join our email list. We’ll alert you when new models are available for you to download.

You can “run” the models on your local computer by using any LLM system that works with GGUF files. We will provide some recommendations upon launch. Most of these software packages are free for non-commercial use.

Thanks to your support, we are successfully building the infrastructure of human freedom. And we are blessed with the resources to be able to pursue projects like this, thanks to your financial support and divine inspiration from God.

Using our data pipeline technology, by the way, we could also produce a really outstanding LLM on the Bible and its interpretation. There are so many uses for this game-changing technology. I’m excited to bring you this technology, trained to benefit humanity rather than to enrich a few powerful (anti-human) corporations.

Thank you for your continued support. More news to come in a few weeks. Stay tuned…

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