FBI’s Wray Pauses From Hunting for ‘Insurrectionists’ to Warn of Border Network With ‘ISIS Ties’

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It turns out that the Biden regime’s open southern border is a national security threat. Why, who could possibly have imagined such a thing?

On Monday, FBI top dog Christopher Wray revealed that the border region was full of “very dangerous threats” and that one of these was a smuggling network linked to the Islamic State (ISIS), which has repeatedly called upon Muslims to attack ordinary Americans in order to “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60).


Wow, who could ever imagined that opening up the border might make Americans more vulnerable to jihad terrorists? Obviously the FBI didn’t, as for the past three years it has been devoting the bulk of its resources to hunting for “insurrectionists” and the “white supremacists” that Wray and others have repeatedly insisted constitute the greatest terror threat the nation faces today.

The ridiculous claims about “white supremacist terrorists,” as well as the agency’s focus on Jan. 6 “insurrectionists,” were a thinly veiled attempt to criminalize and destroy all political opposition to the Biden regime in the U.S. But now, reality has intruded to the extent that Wray and his henchmen can’t ignore the jihad threat any longer, and with attacks likely in the U.S., he has to pretend he is on top of the situation. 

In reality, the FBI has been in denial about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat for years and almost certainly will not be able to stop future jihad attacks in the U.S. because it is still so ideologically blinkered and politicized that it doesn’t even know what to look for.

Nevertheless, Wray did his best to give the appearance of being vigilant under questioning from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) during a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday. 

“From an FBI perspective,” said the top FBI apparatchik, “we are seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats that emanate from the border. And that includes everything from drug trafficking — the FBI alone seized enough fentanyl in the last two years to kill 270 million people — that’s just on the fentanyl side. An awful lot of the violent crime in the United States is at the hands of gangs who are themselves involved in the distribution of that fentanyl.” 


The threat, however, also includes Islamic State jihadis. Wray continued, “So, I want to be a little bit careful how far I can go in open session, but there is a particular network that, where some of the overseas facilitators of the smuggling network have ISIS ties that we’re very concerned about and that we’ve been spending enormous amount of effort with our partners investigating. Exactly what that network is up to is something that’s, again, the subject of our current investigation.” 

Rubio then asked him “to confirm that there is a network ‘we’re concerned about’ that has facilitators involved with ties to ISIS.” Wray responded, “Correct.”

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Wray doesn’t seem to have been asked any questions about the larger picture, that is, how we got into a situation in which members of a bloodthirsty jihad terror group that has repeatedly vowed the mass murder of Americans came to be operating in the border area in the first place. The FBI is investigating a situation that the corrupt regime in the White House, a regime that the agency indefatigably supports, has created. 

The FBI did all it could to defame and destroy the regime’s chief rival, and the republic itself along with it, by working to criminalize loyal opposition. Not only has there been the ongoing legal persecution of Donald Trump, but there was also the Disinformation Governance Board that would have policed speech that dissented from the leftist establishment’s perspective. The regime sicced the FBI on angry parents protesting at school board meetings, worked with Twitter and other social media giants to silence and deplatform people with opposing views, and even sent spies into Catholic churches.


And now Christopher Wray is worried about ISIS activity at the border? This is a problem that could have been solved years ago, if the FBI hadn’t been weaponized against the political opponents of the Biden regime, and had been focused on actually protecting the American people. That ship, however, has sailed long ago, and no protestations of vigilance to Marco Rubio will change that. If ISIS does strike in the U.S., Christopher Wray and his ilk will bear a great deal of the responsibility for allowing it to happen.

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