HAITI HELL: Prime Minister Ariel Henry Resigns as Country Unravels Under Attack by Gang Rebels


Whatever else can be said about the beyond chaotic situation in the proto-civil war in Haiti, the inevitable resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry finally taking place is a positive development.

Supposed to be an interim PM, Henry had repeatedly delayed elections and usurped power, making him illegitimate to everyone’s eyes.

In practical terms, he could not even return to the country, being currently stranded in Puerto Rico. He had no support from the US or Caribbean countries, and gangs control almost the entirety of the capital Port-au-Prince and region.

So, Ariel Henry has finally agreed to resign after weeks of mounting pressure and widespread violence.

BBC reported:

“In a video address announcing his resignation, Mr. Henry urged Haitians to remain calm.

‘The government that I am leading will resign immediately after the installation of [a transition] council’, Mr. Henry said.

‘I want to thank the Haitian people for the opportunity I had been granted. I’m asking all Haitians to remain calm and do everything they can for peace and stability to come back as fast as possible’.”

Gang rebels want to be part of power-sharing agreements.

Heavily armed gang rebels that control the country have been demanding the resignation of the unelected prime minister.

Matthias Pierre, a former elections minister in Haiti:

“The police force is weak, and more than 40 police stations [are] destroyed. The army is very limited and not equipped; gang members occupy most of the [Port-au-Prince] downtown and some government headquarters. Very soon people will be out of food, medication and… medical support.”

The gangs are now pushing to be part of any new power-sharing deal.

PM Henry was in Kenya to sign a deal on the deployment of an international security force to help tackle violence these very gangs.

His plane could not land in Haiti’s international airport due to sustained armed attacks against it.

Without the support of the US or his neighbors, Henry had no alternative but to stand down.

Watch: Gang rebel leader Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier addresses the International Community.

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