Out of Ideas? Media Digs Up the Old ‘Biden’s Not Senile, He Just Stutters’ Lie

At this point, at least, it looks as if the Democrats are stuck with Old Joe Biden, and so they’re making the best of it. The alleged president’s obvious cognitive decline, however, is getting more noticable all the time. 


Apparently, however, the Biden regime apparatchiks and their establishment media propagandists have run out of excuses and explanations, as they’ve just resurrected an old one that didn’t fool anyone in its first go-round and is unlikely to take anyone in this time, either: the Figurehead-In-Chief, you see, isn’t suffering from dementia. He just stutters. And that sound you’re hearing now is eyes rolling all across our fair land. 

The New York Times ran a big story this Monday, with the focus on how evil Bad Orange Man is for mocking Saint Joe’s speech disability: “Trump’s Biden Mockery Upsets People Who Stutter: ‘We’ve Heard This Before.’” This nonsense seems to have been part of a coordinated effort, as on the same day, longtime Democrat strategist David Axelrod wrote on X: “Mocking someone’s stutter for laughs is pathetic and small, the stuff of schoolyard bullies not grownups. Acting like a total jacka** doesn’t make you strong.”

Yeah, gosh, David, Trump really is terrible, at least until you remember two things: Old Joe doesn’t stutter, and his bête noire Trump didn’t mock him for stuttering. What happened, according to the Times, was this: “The moment happened at Mr. Trump’s rally in Rome, Ga., when he was criticizing Mr. Biden’s State of the Union address. ‘Didn’t it bring us together?’ Mr. Trump said. Then he turned to mocking Mr. Biden, mumbling unintelligibly and saying, ‘Bring the country t-t-t-t-together.’”


The Times has seldom, if ever, been more ridiculous than it is in its response to this, portraying it as the evil Trump actively (and no doubt gleefully) causing people pain. The idea that someone’s fragility must be off the charts and mental health quite delicate, to find Trump’s behavior personally painful doesn’t seem to occur to the Gray Lady at all. And so we get a weeper in which a “palliative care nurse practitioner” says: “I think it gets to a very visceral feeling for all people who stutter. Most of us have been mocked in some way in our childhood. We’ve heard this before. And so watching a video, it hits that familiar humiliation feeling.”

Oh, brother. The Times doesn’t even stop there. I’m not naming these people, even though they’re named in the Times; they’ve embarrassed themselves enough. We next hear from “a marketing consultant who leads a National Stuttering Association group,” who “said the clip had brought back memories of bullies who made fun of him.” And then the Times brings onstage a “speech pathologist who works with people who stutter,” who actually “burst into tears thinking of her patients while she watched it.

As Old Joe Biden himself would say, Come on, man! Everybody knows that the Times hates Trump and wants to destroy him, but this parade of wounded souls is embarrassing even by Times standards. And it can’t be emphasized often enough: Trump wasn’t mocking Biden’s stutter. Trump spokesman Steven Cheung explained, “President Trump was clearly talking about Crooked Joe Biden’s declining mental state, which the world can see, and that he is unfit to be president any longer.”


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Indeed. The internet publication Revolver has actually put the Democrats’ “stutter” claims to the test, announcing on Monday: “Revolver took on the herculean task of sifting through 43 hours of Biden clips in search of the infamous ‘childhood stutter’ he and the Dems often reference. Spoiler alert: It didn’t end well for them. What we found — or rather, didn’t find — points to the narrative being a total fabrication.” In fact, “after watching 43 hours of clips, had I not known Joe Biden had a ‘childhood stutter,’ I would have never pegged him as a guy with a stuttering problem in his past.”

It doesn’t even require 43 hours of suffering through watching Biden speak. The whole Biden-is-just-covering-for-a-stutter narrative explodes if you watch even one clip, any clip, of Old Joe speaking when he was Young Joe. Biden in the 1980s was glib, fast-talking, smug, self-righteous, and slick. One thing he was not was a stutterer. 

But leftist propagandists such as the New York Times and David Axelrod count on the fact that Americans have better things to do with their time than listen to Joe Biden and that older folks have been so busy with their lives over the last few decades that they don’t exactly remember how Biden spoke before he was the shuffling, mumbling, dementia-ridden mess we all know and love today. 


Propagandists depend on distraction and faulty memories. If those fail, they’ll throw on another weeper in the New York Times, and some self-righteous huffing and puffing from David Axelrod. If those fail also, well, there’s always social media censorship.

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