PETA proposes White House Easter egg roll use potatoes instead

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the White House to change its Easter egg roll into a Easter potato roll.

In a letter to first lady Jill Biden, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk floated the idea, suggesting the switch from eggs to spuds.

“Instead of promoting the deleterious factory farming and slaughter industries, will you please initiate the annual White House Potato Roll?” Newkirk asked in the letter, according to a PETA press release.

She said potatoes “can be safely dyed, allowing for spudtacular traditional activities, such as rolling them, seeking for them, and decorating them. You could even hold potato sack races and games of hot potato!”

“Easter is not a time of renewal or joy for chickens on egg factory farms. It can take up to 36 hours in typically hellish conditions for a hen—who spends her entire life in a cage smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper—to produce just one of the thousands of eggs slated to be used at the White House Easter Egg Roll,” Newkirk claimed.

According to the White House, the event is scheduled for April 1.

Prior to the 2023 White House Easter egg roll event, the PETA president had pressed the first lady not to permit the use of real eggs, suggesting alternatives like “reusable plastic or wooden eggs—or even lovely painted rocks or egg-shaped balls.” In the letter last year, Newkirk claimed that such a move “would make the event eggstra special for chickens and inclusive of all children who attend, including those who don’t consume eggs for ethical, environmental, or health reasons.”

“PETA opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview,” the group states on its website.

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