The Morning Briefing: NY Fire Dept. Brass Are Bringing Back Soviet ‘Knock at the Door’ Vibe

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The worst of leftism is taking over the upper echelons of a variety of institutions in the United States. It’s both weird and disheartening to see highly educated military and corporate brass kowtowing to an ideological demographic that would prefer that they not exist. 

Maybe it’s constant overexposure to Democrats that does it to some people. That would explain a story out of New York involving rabid Trump-hating Attorney General Letitia James and some members of the New York City Fire Department. Here’s the setup to it from a post that Milt Harris wrote yesterday:

New York is proving once again that it is the East Coast location where common sense goes to die. Last week Attorney General Letitia James gave a speech at a New York Fire Department promotion ceremony. James had been invited to speak at the event, which was held to honor The Rev. Pamela Holmes, the department’s second female chaplain and the first black woman to hold that title. 

Before she even took the stage, some of the firefighters started voicing their displeasure with the decision she made involving the Donald Trump case. 

As they chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump,” James asked for quiet

Well, the firefighters weren’t in the mood to quiet down and continued to express their displeasure with the chief witch of New York state’s witch hunt of Trump. 


The firefighters were exercising their right to be critical of a public official, even if it was a little light on tact. Madame Attorney General is a blue state loon who is drunk with power, however, and she is not amused by common folk who disagree with her. She wasn’t going to let this one go. 

As the chief law enforcement officer of the state, James has some vindictive clout to throw around. She immediately threw some of it at the FDNY higher-ups. More from Milt:

Unbelievably, FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens sent an email to department leaders warning of an impending investigation by the Bureau of Investigation and Trials (BITS) into the booing and “Trump” chants directed at James. In true SS style, Hodgens has urged those involved to come forward voluntarily to avoid being pursued by the department which is currently reviewing video footage of the entire ceremony.

Milt shares the contents of Hodgens’s email, and it’s really creepy. You would have thought that the Trump chanters assaulted James and made off with all of her jewelry. The gist of it is that the firefighters who damaged the delicate feelings of Letitia James had better come forward for their comeuppance and that the New York City fire commissioner doesn’t want to have to “hunt” them down. 

How very KGB.

It gets creepier. In her article about the story at Townhall, my colleague Sarah Arnold writes that the firefighters who are identified will summoned to “HQ to be educated” about the inappropriateness of their behavior. There was no mention of gulags, but the story is still in progress.


Democrats have been very outspoken when advocating for the public harassment of politicians with whom they disagree. They’re going to have to get used to the fact that everybody can play by their rules. Letitia James is a very polarizing figure and ran headlong into an uncomfortable truth for the Democrats: there are vocal pockets of Trump support even in the bluest of places. 

Oh, and they’re getting bigger thanks to insanity like this.

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