Why I will vote for Trump in spite of everything

This is the most honest I can be. After yet another predictable but still disappointing claim last week that his beloved poison poke concocted at “warp speed” saved humanity — when it’s actually one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history — one of my social media followers sent me this: “I ask you sincerely with no judgment, how can you still vote for Donald Trump in November?”

Allow me to answer sincerely.

If you can’t vote for Trump because of his unrepentant decisions, I completely understand. Your conscience is clear.

Donald Trump’s at times unchecked, delusional narcissism makes it much more difficult to vote for him than it should be, given his pre-COVID record and the Cloward-Piven alternative. Trump makes it nearly impossible to like and admire him for those not the most intensely enamored with (or financially tied to) his schtick. His final year in office, when he surrendered the country to the archfiend Anthony Fauci and puckered in the face of demonic riots, was one of the most self-destructive in the history of the presidency.

Those are all reasons — along with his superior character, integrity, worldview, and résumé — I wanted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be the Republican nominee. And I alienated many people by saying so, including many of my own friends and career acquaintances. Notice you don’t see me booked on as many shows as I once was. I haven’t received a single booking to promote my new book, unlike all the others.

The Fox-Boomer-Conservative Inc.-industrial complex wanted otherwise, so here we are. But I wouldn’t do anything differently because I thought it was the right thing to do. Backing the most successful Republican politician since I came of voting age was well worth another 10,000 book sales. When you play a high-stakes game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

But that game is over. Now, we are playing a new game where the stakes are higher.

There are people like my friend and colleague Steve Baker, as well as pro-life protestors and others who dare to oppose this evil, who may go to prison if Trump doesn’t win.

Young couples like my own daughter and her husband, who just brought home our first grandchild, may not be able to access the American Dream if Trump doesn’t win, given our current economic trajectory.

We went from the Abraham Accords under Trump to Israel fighting its first domestic soil war in 50 years, which is threatening to blow up into a wider regional conflict.

And Trump gets at least some of the credit for the biggest culture war win of my lifetime — smashing the shibboleth of the damned known as Roe v. Wade. There are babies alive today who wouldn’t be otherwise without this victory.

Those are real-world accomplishments and stakes that impact the lives of real people you and I know as well. As are the ongoing catastrophic consequences of the unrepentant COVID decisions Trump made, which few have devoted more time to exposing and solving than our show has.

If you can’t vote for Trump because of those unrepentant decisions, as someone who has conservatively read hundreds of heartbreaking notes from those that suffered, I completely understand.

Nor will I expend a single brain cell to persuade you to think or vote otherwise. Your conscience is clear, in my opinion.

If, however, you also see the real-world suffering that a loss in this election would incur, I hope you will afford those who hold my current position the same grace.

I gain nothing from saying any of these things. No seat on the MAGA bandwagon for engagement farming awaits me because I still insist on retaining my own conscience.

Which also requires me to surrender any ability to have a public opinion counter to Trump on anything. This explains why people like Steve Bannon do such great work highlighting the horrors of Trump’s toxic jab without ever tying those horrors back to Trump, to mention just one example.

Here’s another: I sat next to Vivek Ramaswamy’s wife at the Miami debate as he destroyed Nikki Haley for her adult daughter monetizing TikTok because it is Chinese Communist Party agitprop. But now, because Trump thinks otherwise for whatever reason, Vivek wants that dreaded app saved.

These are the moral contortions demanded of this era, which I refuse to play along with. I don’t believe in either “Cheeto Jesus Saves” or “Orange Man Bad.” I don’t believe Trump is the God-anointed hero of Western civilization or some dastardly uber-manifestation of villainy. I simply think he’s a complicated figure with contradictory instincts, both good and bad, who will do a better job for the country than the feeble-minded dementia patient and the forces behind him truly running things will. Nothing more, nothing less.

You cannot grift on adulting or nuance nowadays. Therefore, you may rest assured, I have no self-interest whatsoever in proclaiming why I currently plan to vote for Trump despite so many well-documented and well-founded objections.

I am just following my own conscience. I urge you and everyone reading this to also vote with your conscience — always.

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