Austin woman says she jumped through her window to escape naked intruder she found smoking drugs in her home

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A Texas woman described the harrowing series of events after she went to her home to find a naked man smoking drugs after ransacking her belongings.

Austin police said that a SWAT team had to respond to her home after 44-year-old Larry Robinson broke in.

Elena Doguet told KEYE-TV that she had returned home from visiting her husband when she realized someone had trashed the house. Her guard dogs were barking and foaming at the mouth.

That’s when she found Robinson allegedly naked with a drug pipe and a lighter.

“I guess I hadn’t heard him come in, because he didn’t have shoes on or any other clothes, so I saw him and was obviously startled and just kind of froze there,” said Doguet.

She said that she told him to leave her home, but he didn’t respond.

“He didn’t have any real reaction; he seemed almost like he wasn’t even there,” she said. “There’s no better word for it, than he was out of his mind.”

She said that the man started to smoke from the pipe again so she took the opportunity to call 911 but the call was cut off. She decided to make a run for a window but she was unable to open it. That’s when Robinson hit her with a dog crate that was on the floor.

“He basically slammed me against the wall with the crate, and it cut my leg,” Doguet said.

She said the man walked around the house, and she thinks one of their dogs bit him because he cursed at the dog. Then, he turned his attention back to her in the living room.

“I just remember, that was my one moment of panic,” she said.

She jumped out of the window backward and waited for police to arrive. When she told them that there were loaded weapons in the home, they called in the SWAT team.

Robinson was arrested after a 90-minute standoff.

“While I think I may be handling it pretty well, there’s a lot under the surface that is gonna take some time to repair,” Doguet said.

The man is facing burglary charges.

Doguet says that she found urine in her front hallway and feces in her bathtub. They are waiting for their homeowner’s insurance claim to be processed and have set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the damage from the bizarre incident.

Elected officials defunded the police department in Austin in 2020 by millions of dollars, but voters later approved a proposition to fund more police officers.

Here’s the interview with Doguet:

Naked intruder terrorizes Austin woman in her own

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