‘Sound of Freedom’ producer just released ‘Cabrini’ — and it gets feminism RIGHT

If you want to see how far Hollywood cinema has fallen, look no farther than Alejandro Monteverde’s “Cabrini,” which Glenn Beck calls “one of the most beautiful films [he’s] ever seen.”

Glenn is joined by Monteverde to discuss his inspiration for the film and why he thinks a story over 100 years old is incredibly relevant today.

“Cabrini” is the true story of an Italian Catholic immigrant named Francesca Cabrini after she arrived in New York City in the year 1889. In a world that offered few opportunities to women — and especially immigrants — Cabrini set out to convince the mayor to provide housing and health care for society’s most vulnerable.

It’s a story of real feminine power — not the toxic, leftist version Hollywood loves to push.

“It just captures a mood like I’ve only seen in ‘The Godfather,’” says Glenn, who says the film has his “highest, highest recommendation.”

“[Francesca Cabrini] was a warrior,” says Monteverde. “She came here to America in the late 1800s as an immigrant — a woman with nothing,” but she had “a dream” and “a big mission to build hospitals and help those in need.”

By the end of her life, she had “built an empire as big as any Rockefeller or Vanderbilt.”

But her path was far from easy. “When she arrived, she faced a lot of racism against Italians and discrimination,” Monteverde tells Glenn, “but that’s the beauty of this country — that did not stop her from building one of the greatest hospitals that New York has ever seen.”

Cabrini also faced personal battles. “They told her that she had two to three years to live, and she kept fighting and fighting,” and this unshakeable faith ultimately gave her “decades of life,” says Monteverde.

Whether it was sickness, discrimination, or opposition, Cabrini did not let anything stop her from succeeding.

“She was able to build bridges” and “work with people that disagreed with her,” Monteverde explains. “It’s so relevant with America because right now, we’re in such a divided country, [and] we should be able to work together even though we’re divided.”

To hear more about a film inspired by true feminism, perseverance, hope, and Batman (yes — Batman), watch the clip below.

Editor’s note: Angel Studios, which made “Cabrini,” is a Blaze Media advertiser.

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