Another Criminal You Didn’t Hear About Who Crossed the Border

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We at PJ Media and others under the Town Hall umbrella have been keeping tabs on the exact sort of people who continually demonstrate why open borders are a bad idea, but here’s one who slipped past us back in February. Allow me to introduce Michelle Angelica Pineda, also known as “La Chely,” a sicaria (hitwoman) for Artistas Asesinos (Assassin Artists)a street gang that functions as enforcers for the Sinaloa Cartel.


Yeah, I didn’t know the cartels practice gender equality when it comes to being horrifyingly violent, either. And make no mistake, La Chely is vicious.

She and her crew are mostly active in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, where Pineda is suspected to have taken part in at least five killings. These include the double homicide of a couple in November and the December dismembering of another guy whose remains were dumped in El Mezquital. Pineda was noted as likely being involved in more.

“Pineda was known for her extreme brutality such as dismembering bodies, removing hearts, and placing the hearts in front of ‘Santa Muerte’ altars and statutes,” according to the FBI. (Again, who knew that being a murderous lunatic of that caliber isn’t just for the boys?)

Santa Muerte, which means “Saint Death” or “Holy Death,” is a Mexican folk saint who has become popular among the cartels. Santa Muerte also gained a following among the marginalized of Mexico, despite the Catholic Church repeatedly condemning the entity’s worship as heretical and demonic.

Pineda was arrested the day after Valentine’s Day in El Paso (crossing the border illegally, of course). She was evidently intent on expanding drug trafficking there, as law enforcement found a boatload of drugs in her hideout. More worryingly, she had a stash of weapons with her, including a shotgun, a revolver, and several machetes and knives.


Thankfully, Pineda was extradited to Mexico following her arrest — before she could make more offerings to the Bony Lady (a nickname for Santa Muerte) with American citizens’ hearts, which is also why this story seemed to stay within local news.

Still, Pineda is one of the violent criminals who crossed the border that we know about because she got caught. Two of the men who attacked a pair of New York Police officers in February were confirmed to be members of the Venezuelan prison gang Tren de Aragua (Train of Aragua), and one of Jose Ibarra’s brothers (Jose being the illegal immigrant who murdered Laken Riley) is suspected to have ties to the gang as well.

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But sure, let’s keep the border open and do the bare minimum to process those who cross. It’s not like Joe Biden’s handlers can do anything through executive action, because it’s the Republicans’ fault they can’t secure the border.

In fact, why don’t we accept all of the people expected to try to enter the United States from Haiti as it collapses with the same level of oversight we give to migrants coming from Mexico and Canada? Surely the gang members who are responsible for the horrific violence occurring in that country, such as burning people alive and possibly eating them, won’t number among them.


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November can’t come fast enough.

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