Biden classified documents testimony reveals why America is so divided

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While Democrats believe that Robert Hur’s report on President Biden’s handling of classified documents exonerates the president — Hur completely disagrees.

He made this clear when the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Hur on Tuesday, telling Rep. Pramila Jayapal point-blank that he “did not exonerate him.”

When Rep. Jim Jordan asked Hur why Biden felt the need to mishandle classified documents, Hur replied that he was writing a book.

Hur then answered that Biden was paid $8 million for the book.

“Joe Biden had 8 million reasons to break the rules, took classified information, and shared it with the guy who was writing the book,” Jordan said, “which he definitely knew was against the law.”

Glenn Beck is well aware of the double standards taking place on the Democrats end, noting that the Democrats have been going after Trump for something similar — but Trump didn’t have $8 million waiting on the other end.

“What’s alleged is that he held up a document and said, ‘Look, here it is, here’s proof of it.’ Didn’t hand it to the reporter, didn’t read it to the reporter, didn’t send it to the reporter, he just said, ‘It’s right here, okay,’” Glenn says, adding, “That’s why Donald Trump has to go to prison now.”

This is why Glenn believes “our country cannot function.”

“There is no principle or value to truth, none. The truth only matters when it’s convenient, and you could say that about both sides,” Glenn says, adding, “How many on the right would be absolutely fine with a conviction on Trump doing it if Joe Biden received the exact same conviction and punishment?”

“I would be, if it’s a crime,” Glenn says.

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